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Santa makes one last visit to Santa’s Village before Christmas

December 23, 2018 GMT

GERING — Santa has been busy this year making the rounds in the Panhandle seeing as many children as he can before he heads back to the North Pole to gather presents for delivery on Christmas.

Cody Esterdahl was first in line at Santa’s Village on Saturday and joyfully told Santa what he wanted.

“I want a LEGO pirate ship and a new skateboard this year,” Esterdahl said.

After talking with Santa, Esterdahl received a bag of candy and headed off to explore Santa’s Village.

Before a wave of children appeared, Santa said he had been to several places this year, including several schools, Jingle Jog, the Truck of Love, the Minatare School’s Christmas program and several other schools.


In Santa’s Village, you never know how many children will arrive at a time and Santa waited patiently as the snow fell upon him for little visitors to come and speak with him. Children and families tend to show up in waves and more than a dozen children turned up at once to enjoy some fun with Santa before he had to leave and get back to work.

“This year has been a good year with a lot of good kids,” Santa said.

Santa enjoys spending time with children and talking to them. This year he has been asked for a lot of electronics and hoverboards.

“The younger ones, boys and girls, are asking for LEGOs,” Santa said. “The older ones want phones, PlayStations and Xboxes.

Santa doesn’t even rest after Christmas. He takes off his famous red outfit, but will still wear red as he travels throughout the year. When he sees a child behaving, he will give them a small card that says, “You’ve been caught being good.”

On Saturday, however, all the children who have been nice all year long were thrilled to sit on his lap and play in his village one more time before Christmas.