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May 29, 2020 GMT

Kashmore, Sindh, Pakistan, May 29 2020 (Wiredrelease) Boost SEO Metrics TV Buddy Caster Streaming providers are now available in a wide range of choices. But most of them mainly provide their content when you play it on a smartphone or on a tablet. The alternative here are game consoles, which usually have an implementation for the various apps. So you actually have the chance to play the content on the big screen. But not always do you have these, let alone that the respective services are supported by every game console. An alternative here is a device with which you can enable screen sharing. We would therefore like to introduce the so-called TV Buddy Caster today. A device that enables screen sharing of various services via a simple connection and plays back the evenings film in HD quality.

What is TV Buddy Caster?


The TV Buddy Caster is a screen-sharing device that is used to play back content from streaming services on a large television set. Since most streaming services mainly support playback on a smartphone or tablet, the TV Buddy Caster is a good alternative to use when watching movies, watching clips, or playing other content. Such a device is especially recommended for watching TV together, because screen sharing is not only easy on the eyes, but also makes the movie or clip evening a special experience.

TV Buddy Caster Technical facts

To familiarize yourself a bit more with the TV Buddy Caster s functionality, its a good idea to take a look at the technical specifications of the screen sharing product. We have therefore collected all the important information and would like to list it below:

-Full HD in 1,080 resolution

-supports H.265 decoding

-50 percent higher processing speed

-plug and play

-for Android 4.4+, iOS 9.0 and MacOS 10

-Radio frequency: 2.4 G

-Video formats: AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, RM, TS, VOB

-Audio formats: AAC, APE, FLAC, MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA

-Photo formats: BMP, GIF, JPEG, JPG, PNG

-no further drivers required

As you can see, the TV Buddy Caster for screensharing has all the important requirements you need to enjoy a flawless TV experience on the big screen. A perfect picture is guaranteed thanks to the HD format, as is the transmission of all content.

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Why should this product help me?


Everyone who uses a streaming service knows the problem that the content can usually only be played back on the small screen. Furthermore, even today not everyone owns a game console that supports the respective service. An alternative are so-called screen-sharing devices, which can be used to play the content on the big TV. However, some of them are complicated to operate and then only reflect poor quality of the content. The TV Buddy Caster, on the other hand, is a device that enables screen sharing and plays back the content in high quality HD. The manufacturer promises the following features:

-No lag, no delay

-Instant streaming possible

-Full HD with 1080 pixels

-compatible with Wifi

-supports numerous streaming services like Netflix, YouTube or hulu

-easy handling via HDMI connection

In principle, the TV Buddy Caster can be used for many services, according to the manufacturer, in order to play the program on the big TV in any case. Thus, the TV Buddy Caster fulfils all requirements for a good TV experience.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of a TV Buddy Caster?

Lets take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of TV Buddy Caster below. Because if you buy a product, you should be aware of its advantages and disadvantages beforehand. This list can help you make a purchase decision. It will then show you what you can expect from TV Buddy Caster and whether it is suitable for your screen-sharing project.


-Extremely simple connection

-Transmission in HD quality

-No delays to be expected

-Better sound than on the small screen

-Many services are supported by the TV Buddy Caster


-None known

As you can see, the TV Buddy Caster has only advantages for screen sharing and brings no disadvantages whatsoever. The program is simply streamed from the smartphone or tablet to the TV and thus improves the TV experience many times over. Sound and pictures are much better seen on the big TV. In addition, there are no delays whatsoever during screen sharing, which you have to live with with other devices. Numerous services are supported that offer streaming, but until now it was only possible on the small device screen.

Who is the target group for TV Buddy Caster?

In principle, the TV Buddy Caster appeals to everyone who would like to enjoy their streaming content on a TV via screen sharing instead of using the smaller screen of a smartphone or tablet. It does not matter what age group he or she belongs to or what gender he or she is. Since the TV Buddy Caster is particularly easy to use, the target group is very broad. In principle, everyone who wants to transfer the experience from the small screen to the large one and enjoy outstanding quality should feel addressed.

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Are there any known technical problems or limitations?

During our research, as well as when viewing the testimonials themselves, we could not find any problems or technical limitations associated with the TV Buddy Caster. In addition, there are also numerous offers with which the device can be used. In addition to the paid methods, there are of course many Free TV channels that include an online offer that can be played back with the device. Therefore, we can answer this question clearly with a No.

TV Buddy Caster opinions

During our research, we also looked for other users reports on their experiences and wanted to know how satisfied they were with the TV Buddy Caster. We initially found some opinions that were very positive in tone and only spoke highly of the TV Buddy Caster. Most users praised the fact that the TV Buddy Caster is easy to use for screen sharing and is only connected to the TV via HDMI cable. This meant that both older and younger users were able to make good use of the device. Added to this was the variety of possible uses. For example, you could not only watch Netflix or YouTube on your TV, but also other content from lesser known streaming services. So we can conclude that most users were very satisfied with the TV Buddy Caster and would like to recommend it to others. However, we could not find any negative reports.

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TV Buddy Caster Seal of Quality

There are no quality seals for the TV Buddy Caster that you can rely on. However, when evaluating the workmanship, it can be said that the TV Buddy Caster for screen sharing is certainly well made and corresponds to a high quality.

Where can I buy TV Buddy Caster?

Ideally, the purchase is made directly from the manufacturer itself. The manufacturer has its own online shop on the Internet, where you can easily place an order for the TV Buddy Caster. You can also be sure that you get the original and not a problematic copy. In addition, the manufacturer provides a few special offers on their website, from which the customer can always benefit. Therefore it is recommendable to visit the website again and again after the purchase to get new information and to strike again if necessary. The order is placed via the website simply by filling in a form in which you have to enter several details. Afterwards the order is triggered with the buy button. If you are then forwarded to the payment, you have different possibilities at your disposal, which you can use without risk. Credit card and PayPal are also available. After the order the package will be shipped within a few days and then the package will be delivered to your door. You can try out the device right away. Lets talk about the offers again. These are so-called relay offers that contain several TV Buddy Casters, each of which is cheaper than a single order. So the buyer can save a lot of money with the help of these offers.

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What is the TV Buddy Caster Award?

Usually, products like the TV Buddy Caster cost a good deal of money because they are products that are not easy to get. The TV Buddy Caster is different, so even people with a smaller budget can afford it very well. Another advantage is that the manufacturer has special graduated offers on its website, as already mentioned. Here, those who would like to order several devices for the household can still save a lot of money. Another option is that you can team up with several of them to buy the TV Buddy Caster and take advantage of the offers. This way, everyone pays a little less and can also benefit financially from the offer. No matter how you do it, it always makes sense to buy the TV Buddy Caster via an offer format rather than as a single device. If there are no more offers available, it is advisable to go back to the website a little later and check if there are new offers available. These are limited in time, but usually come back from time to time. It is still worthwhile to strike as soon as you have the opportunity to do so.

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Contact Information

The manufacturer is a company whose base is located in the Netherlands. The full address of the manufacturer of the TV Buddy Caster is: TV Buddy Caster, Postbus 202, 6670AE Zetten, The Netherlands. There is also a support email address where you can contact them if you have any questions: It is best to use the English language for his email in order to get a meaningful answer.

Official website:


Finally, lets move on to FAQs the questions that you always ask and which are intended to round off our report in general.

How is the TV Buddy Caster connected?

Simply via HDMI and a power connection.

How do I bring the content from my smartphone to my TV?

Once the TV Buddy Caster is connected and has connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth, a new icon will appear in every streaming app. If you tap on it, TV Buddy Caster initiates the screen sharing and the content is simply played back on the TV.

Do I need to install special drivers on the TV or smartphone?

No, the TV Buddy Caster works completely without installing any special apps or drivers.

With which systems is the TV Buddy Caster compatible?

Screen sharing with TV Buddy Caster is possible on devices for Android 4.4+, as well as iOS 9.0+ and MacOS 10+.

Can I return the device for screen sharing if I am not satisfied?

The manufacturer provides the buyer with the possibility to return the device after purchase if 30 days have not passed. No annoying questions are asked and the buyer gets his money back in full.

I havent gotten an offer Is this coming back?

There are always special offers on the manufacturers website. If you havent got one now, but want to take advantage of one, just check back later. Then the screensharing device might be available again at a low price. If you have the opportunity, take it.

Can I stream music with it?

Music streaming services such as YouTube, Spotify and Amazon Prime Music are also supported by the stream sharing device.

Do I need a remote control for the device?

The television is controlled by the normal remote control, while the content is controlled directly via the smartphone or the respective mobile device.

Will there be any other costs?

There are numerous services of public television stations that can be used completely free of charge and that offer TV streaming.

Does it have to be my TV that I stream to?

It does not matter which screen you use. It should only have an HDMI port to which the device can be connected for screen sharing.

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