May 13, 2018 GMT

Olivia Galas

Key Staffer

Journalistic roles: yearbook editor

College plans: Bellevue University; psychology

Parents: Kris and Cheryl Galas

About: Olivia was a true leader. She made big decisions to show the staff where they needed to go, and she worked tirelessly along the way to help them get there.

Scholarships offered at Gross:

Megan Allen, Buena Vista Blue; Doane Van Hoy; Hastings Pro Rege; Metro Avenue Horatio Alger Scholars; Wesleyan Nebraska Strong; Newman; Teamsters Local 554

Castle Anzalone, UNO chancellor’s

Martha Baeza, Creighton university; Morningside founder; Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation; UNK Loper Achievement; UNL Husker Power


Samantha Baratta, Midland dance; Wesleyan Achievement, Black & Gold, Nebraska Strong, Stem Recognition; Wayne State Education Matters

Sophia Barnes, Creighton founders; Midland dance; Rockhurst Loyola McCabe; UNK Distinguished Scholar; UNL Husker Power

Sydney Benedict, Newman

Vale Brannan, Northern Arizona dean’s

Madison Brase, College of St. Mary President’s Academic; Creighton founders; Rockhurst Breen; Wesleyan Achievement, track, Board of Governors, Huge Recognition, Nebraska Strong; UNL David; UNO regents

William Buck, Creighton academic

Anna Campbell, Bellevue academic, softball; Butler academic; Creighton founders; Gonzaga deans; Regis Trustee Catholic; Rockhurst Loyola, McCabe; Portland president’s; Tulsa academic; Xavier academic

Brendon Chonis, UNL Husker Traditions, John & Mary Schuele, Pepsi

Abbigail Clark, Missouri S&T Miner, Miner out-of-state, Thomas A. Holmes, University; UNL chancellor’s, Husker living and learning, Husker Traditions; UNO chancellor’s

Caleb Connelly, Northwest Missouri State Bearcat, Distinguished Scholar

Jacob Culhane, American Red Cross

Alex DeWerth, Peacekeeper Youth Bowling Program; Dayton Father Chaminade, Marianist Leadership, study abroad, textbook

Meghan Felty, Augustana Fellows, Trustees Honor; College of St. Mary President’s Academic; Creighton founders; Midland presidential; Mount Marty Excellence; Ritonya Buscher Poehling; Rockhurst Breen, Loyola, regents

Olivia Galas, Bellevue volleyball

Emmanuel Grant, Benedictine College; Central Bridge, presidential; Creighton founders; UNK Distinguished Scholar; UNO chancellor’s, deans

Lauren Greiner, Aksarben AG Leaders; Iowa State ACE, Dean’s Leadership, Return to Iowa Generations; Kansas State College of Agriculture, housing incentive, MSEP Enhancement; UNL CASNR, regents


Zachary Griger, Ritonya Buscher Poehling

Eamon Hajek-Jones, Benedictine academic, music; Iowa State ACE, Dean’s Academic Excellence; UNL regents; UNO regents

Kellee Halliburton, Bellevue Knights of Columbus #6192; Creighton Academic, Shaffel, Skutt-Mutual of Omaha; Loyola Chicago presidential; Wesleyan Achievement, Board of Governors, Nebraska Strong, Pre-Health

Jakob Harris, Wesleyan Achievement, Nebraska Strong

Makenzie Homan, Concordia dean’s; Morningside achievement, soccer, Founders’; Northwest Missouri State Bearcat; Rockhurst Knapp, Loyola

Alexander Hughes, UNK Distinguished Scholar; UNL Husker Traditions; UNO deans, Olson, Scholars Academy

Emily Jacobson, Augustana academic; Benedictine College; Creighton founders; College of St. Mary swimming, President’s Academic; Rockhurst Loyola, McCabe; Rotary Club of Omaha West; St. Mary’s-Minnesota Catholic, trustee; UNK Loper Achievement; UNL Husker Power; UNO chancellor’s

Luke Johnson, Hastings football, Ringland; Minnesota State Moorhead football; Morningside founders; St. John’s Dean’s, Saints; Sioux Falls academic, football

Izabelle Krupa, Chaminade Marianist; UNL Canfield, CASNR, Husker Traditions; UNO deans

Jackson Larsen, Academic Decathlon Regional Competition; Creighton Academic Decathlon State Competition, cross country, founders

Ruochen Liu, Academic Decathlon Regional Competition

Nathan Mackel, Academic Decathlon Regional Competition

Daniel Mathews, Peacekeeper Youth Bowling Program

Carmella Monico, Loyola Chicago Loyola; UNL Husker living and learning, Husker Traditions; UNO deans

Sydney Nickerson, Midland softball; Wesleyan Achievement, softball, Huge Recognition, Nebraska Strong, presidents; Omaha Urban Council of Catholic Women

William Paladino, Doane baseball, football, community

Hannah Perkins Penner, Creighton founders; Doane trustees; Hastings track, Ambassador; Regis Trustees Catholic; Wayne State cross country & track

Alexander Perez-Chavez, Augustana Dean’s; Creighton Founders; Northwest Missouri State Academic, Bearcat, Multicultural; Kansas Midwest Student Exchange

Jake Pietryga, Creighton; Wesleyan Black & Gold, Nebraska Strong; St. Louis Ignatian

Harper Pivovar, Creighton Founders, Roman Shaffel, S.J.; Missouri-Kansas City Midwest Student Exchange; UNL David; UNO Chancellor’s

Megan Pokorny, Aksarben AG Leaders; Iowa State Academic Recognition; Kansas State agriculture, housing incentive, MSEP Enhancement, Midwest Student Exchange; Police Federal Credit Union Robert Sklenar Memorial; University of Nebraska Medical Center; UNL CASNR, Husker Power

Holly Pospichal, South Dakota Coyote Commitment Achievement; UNL Husker Power

Caroline Quandahl, UNL Husker Traditions; UNO deans

Jack Randl, Michigan hockey

Rosa Reed-Bouley, Bellevue volleyball

Matthew Rinkol, Creighton academic

Katie Ryan, Academic Decathlon Regional Competition

Demi Sakalosky, Aurora trustees; Doane volleyball, trustees; Graceland Trustees’; Wesleyan Black & Gold, Nebraska Strong; Northwest Missouri State Academic Excellence, Bearcat; Simpson Academic

Sydney Shillinglaw, Creighton academic; Midland dance; UNL David

Andrew Staskiewicz, Coe Impact, trustee; Creighton founders, Roman Shaffel, S.J.; Regis Board of Trustee Catholic; UNO deans, regents

Morgan Stern, Centris Federal Credit Union; College of St. Mary President’s Academic; Wesleyan Achievement, Black & Gold, Nebraska Strong; Rockhurst Loyola, McCabe, regents; Runza Student of the Week; Suburban Rotary Club of Omaha; UNK Loper Achievement; UNL Husker Power; South Dakota Coyote Commitment Achievement

Ryan Supeh, UNL Chancellor’s Leadership, Husker living and learning, Nebraska Legends

Kyle Sweeney, Ave Maria academic, football; Doane presidential; Morningside presidential; Rockhurst Breen, Loyola; UNL David; UNO regents

Tyler Todd, Rockhurst Breen, Loyola; UNK Distinguished Scholar; UNL Husker Traditions; UNO regents

Kayla Van Haute, Bellevue Rotary Club; Creighton Founders; Drake presidential; Northwest Missouri State Academic Excellence, Bearcat; Ritonya Buscher Poehling; Kansas Midwest Student Exchange; UNL Husker Power

Brodie Von Dollen, Northeast Community soccer

Connor Weis, Morningside founder

Mary Zoucha, Drake presidential; Rockhurst Knapp, Loyola