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LETTER: Fix the streets

May 7, 2019 GMT

How come our potholes can’t get fixed? Our taxes went up $12,500 - unfinished basement, house built in late 1800s. Don’t have six-car garage, in-ground pool or above-ground pool.

Wouldn’t our tax dollars be better spent maintaining the streets we have rather than building new streets? We can’t afford to take care of existing streets or water mains. Spending millions on the riverfront would look nice, but city officials, please take care of taxpayers first.

Know I am not the only one upset about how our hard-earned money pays taxes that don’t take care of what I thought we paid taxes for. Drive any traveled roads and see one pothole filled, then two feet away is a bigger pothole.


It’s very frustrating to drive the streets in the city. Sheryl Cripps, Sioux City