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McFarland Village President race decided by 1 vote

April 4, 2019 GMT

Just one vote cast on Tuesday separated the two candidates for McFarland village president, with the incumbent coming out ahead.

Brad Czebotar received 1,187 votes, with his opponent, Carolyn Clow, receiving one less in the race to lead the community of about 7,800 on Lake Waubesa southeast of Madison.

Clow, a McFarland Village Board member, said she requested a recount, which will be conducted on Friday. Clow didn’t run for re-election to the Village Board.

She said she’s been honored to serve her community and could “second guess” herself by not having knocked on one more door or campaigned differently. She said she won’t, and in the end, the community appears to have elected Czebotar.


“That’s how elections go,” Clow said.

Czebotar, who has been McFarland Village President since 2012, said he hasn’t been in an election this close. But he can remember a Village Board election about seven years ago ending in a tie.

“This isn’t new to McFarland, evidently,” he said.

While he said he wasn’t sure why this election was so close, having a choice between two candidates benefited McFarland residents because too often races go uncontested.

Regardless of the winner, Czebotar said the election showed the importance of voting.

“When people say their vote doesn’t count, well here’s one example of why it does,” he said.