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Blood Leaks from Medical Waste onto Car’s Windshield, Highway

April 22, 1991 GMT

DENTON, Texas (AP) _ Blood leaking from boxes of medical waste smeared a motorist’s windshield and leaked onto a highway from the back of a tractor-trailer rig.

The spill, which occurred Sunday afternoon on Interstate 35 near this community about 35 miles north of Dallas, was cleaned up and no injuries were reported.

About a cup of blood leaked from one of 450 boxes being transported from Parkland Memorial Hospital to an incinerator in Oklahoma, a hospital spokeswoman said.

Workers from Bio-Hazard Management Inc., a Tyler company under contract to Parkland, cleaned up the spill and repaired the truck leak later in the day, said Steve Carroll, company director of operations.

The motorist, a mortician, was not alarmed at the blood on his windshield, Carroll said.

″He cleaned it off his car windshield and went on his way,″ Carroll said.

Parkland spokeswoman Esther Bauer said the leaking blood did not represent a danger to the public, but the hospital will investigate the spill.