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Troopers offer tips on spotting suspicious packages, mail

October 26, 2018 GMT

After a dozen suspicious packages with crude pipe bombs were addressed to prominent Democrats, State Police are offering tips on how to recognize questionable packages and mail.

“Does it seem like every time you turn around lately you are hearing something on the news about suspicious packages or white powder. At our schools? At our places of employment? As if that’s not enough, now we are hearing about confirmed stories of pipe bombs being delivered to celebrities and political figures homes,” powder,” state police posted on their Facebook page.

“The Connecticut State Police wants you to know that we understand that it can be a scary world out there, we think so too! This is why we are posting some tips about what to do if you find yourself in a similar situation to what you are seeing in the world around you.”

How to recognize suspicious packages and mail

One indicator of a suspicious package or piece of mail includes inappropriate or unusual labeling, such as:

Excessive postage.

Misspelled common words.

No return address or strange return address.

Unusual addressing, such as not being addressed to a specific person or the use of incorrect titles or titles with no name.

Other indicators include an unusual or inappropriate appearance

Powdery substances felt through or appearing on the item.

Oily stains or discolorations on the exterior.

Strange odors.

Ticking sounds, protruding wires, or exposed aluminum foil.

Procedures for handling to suspicious packages and mail

Stay calm.

Do not open the letter or package (or open any further), do not shake it, do not show it to others, or empty its contents.

Leave the letter or package where it is or gently place it on the nearest flat surface.

If possible, gently cover the letter (use a trash can, article of clothing, etc.).

Shut off any fans or equipment in the area that may circulate the material.

Alert others nearby to relocate to an area away from the site of the suspicious item.

Take essential belongings, like cell phones, keys, purse, etc. with you in case return to your office/home is delayed.

To prevent spreading any powder or hazardous substance to your face, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.