NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (AP) — A prosecutor has said his opening trial statement that a Granby woman killed her wife in 2010 because of continuing financial stress and arguments.

But Cara Rintala's defense lawyer said Wednesday the couple's disagreements have been exaggerated, and prosecutors focused on his client because they have no better ideas who killed her wife.

Rintala is accused of strangling and beating Annamarie Cochrane Rintala, who was found dead in the basement of their home in 2010.

The women, both paramedics, had been married for two years and were raising a child.

Prosecutor Steven Gagne said they had filed divorce papers and restraining orders against each other but withdrawn them.

Defense lawyer David Hoose said they were learning how to deal with their problems and kept their finances separate.

Rintala was arrested in Rhode Island in 2011.