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Orchids and Onions: Monday, July 16, 2018

July 16, 2018 GMT

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to the young person sporting a “man bun.” This isn’t the Dark Ages, son. What’s wrong with you? Cut that bee’s nest off and return to civilization.

Onions to the coyote hunters. Now the rabbits are taking over, digging up the flowerbeds, eating the plants, and multiplying like, well, rabbits. It is not nice to fool with Mother Nature.

Orchids to the hilarious onion about a leaf being blown into a yard. Contact Mother Nature to request a wind-free area around your precious home. Also see if rain and heat can be sent elsewhere. Thanks for the laugh; the idiocy of this complaint is hilarious.

Orchids to KM Construction for the beautiful alumi-wood patio cover. Installed on time, good clean up, and looks incredible. Sponson Drive Homeowners

Orchids to Julie Beckett NP, Kimber the IV Lady and Dr. Preston for your kindness to our mom in the ER.

Orchids to the emergency room staff at HRMC on May 17 for their fast and excellent care of me (Dr. Preston, Nurse Robin, and Tech Larry). My heart, although not exactly normal, is working. Thank you so very much. M. Long

Orchids to Dr. Hade, Marlee, Kelly, Kim and all the other 3rd floor nurses at HRMC for you care, gentleness and compassion for our mom in her last days at the hospital. We so appreciated you making her so comfortable. Hugs and thank you.

Onions to displaying a life size figure of Kim Jong Un, the North Korean dictator who starves his people, murders anyone who disagrees with him and lies about his nuclear intentions. The choice of decor was appalling. All else was good, but disgusting political message.

Orchids to the ICU staff at HRMC especially Junice, Dani, Sarah, Beth, Jean, and Joe. You all took great care of me May 17-20. Thank you for the excellent care. M. Long

Orchids to the HRMC doctor specialists (Dr. Shah - hospitalist, Dr. Atassi - cardiologist, Dr. Gleason-urologist) for their excellent care/treatment during my stay May 17. You put my heart and body back into working order and I thank you from my properly working heart! M. Long

Orchids to Dr Atassi and the Cath lab (Lou, Ashlee, Laucia, Tianna, and Bruce) for their care/treatment of me during my coronary angiogram. What an excellent team you all make! Thank you.

Orchids to Tim and the crew at Bradley Collision Center for quick and efficient repair service on my 2013 Avalanche. Ed

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