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BC-Entries Aqueduct

April 16, 2019
By The Associated Press

1st_$46,000, mdn cl $50,000-$50,000, 3YO F, 5½f.<

Xanthique;113;Simply Fast;120
Can U Handle This;120;Bizness Beauty;120
Queen Kahen;120;It’s a Shaw Thing;120

2nd_$28,000, cl $14,000-$14,000, 3YO up F&M, 6f.<

Tayler’s the Boss;126;Salty Smile;117
Magari;126;Golden Vale;126
Claire’s Kitty;126;Princess Mikayah;126

3rd_$48,000, cl $50,000-$50,000, 3YO up, 1 1/16mi.<

Heavy Meddle;124;a-Fear No One;124
Herecomesyourman;126;a-Where’s Rudy;126
County Court;126;Bootlegger;124
Snake Oil Charlie;124


4th_$38,000, cl $35,000-$25,000, 3YO up F&M, 1mi.<

Solitary Gem;124;Carlisle Belle;124
Rattlesnake Bite;124;Dazzling Speed;114
Pecan Pattie;126;Party in the Sand;124

5th_$41,000, mdn cl $40,000-$40,000, 3YO up, 1 1/16mi.<

Garsoon;126;Bourbon Boy;126
Letterman;126;Field Patrol;118
Wicked Trick;126;Dreammaster;118
Asher the Dasher;118;Inclunation;118

6th_$62,000, mdn spl wt, 3YO up, 6f.<

Tizanoxbow;118;Moo Lah;118
Scotty Brown;118;Freudian Sip;118
Invest;118;Jack the Cat;118
Qian B C;118;Wicked Grin;118
Elektronic;118;Awesome Ammo;118

7th_$75,000, alc opt cl, 4YO up, 6½f.<

Seethisquick;112;Bon Raison;122
Reed Kan;113;Runaway Lute;122
River Echo;120;Long Haul Bay;120

8th_$66,000, alc, 3YO up (NW1$ X), 6f.<

Leap to Glory;124;Latin Love Bug;124
Holey Matrimony;120;Elios Milos;124
Wushu Warrior;124;Vicar’s Legend;124

9th_$62,000, mdn spl wt, 3YO up, 6f.<

Tizgame;118;Bobby Man;118
Fortune Smiles;118;True Blue Giant;118
Deputy Flag;125;The Sinner Is You;118
Lorcan;118;Hudson Overpass;118
Tenency;125;Big Paddy Brown;111
Noble Cause;118

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