Police now saying Chubbuck shooting occurred during home invasion

February 19, 2019 GMT

Authorities are now saying that Thursday morning’s shooting and robbery at a Chubbuck residence was actually a brazen home invasion.

Two more people have been arrested in connection to the incident, which left the man residing in the home wounded.

The Chubbuck Police Department announced Sunday morning that it had arrested McKinzee Kirkham, 21, of Inkom, and Sage Siler, 20, of Pocatello, bringing the total number of arrests made in the aftermath of the Thursday morning incident to seven.

Six of the seven people arrested have extensive adult criminal records and three have convictions dating back to when they were juveniles.

Kirkham and Siler have both been charged with robbery and aggravated battery for their alleged roles in the early Thursday morning home invasion that occurred at a Chubbuck residence on the 4600 block of Ponderosa Street.

Chubbuck police said the alleged shooter during that incident, Kane Simons, 20, of Pocatello, has now also been charged with robbery. Simons, the subject of an intense police manhunt following the home invasion, was arrested Friday outside of an Idaho Falls mall and was booked into Bannock County Jail on aggravated battery and resisting and obstructing charges.

Authorities have released no further details on the alleged home invasion. Nor have they said what was stolen from the home to warrant the robbery charges.

Police have said that the man who was shot during the home invasion is expected to survive.

The wounded man reported the incident to police after being shot and Chubbuck police officers and Bannock County sheriff’s deputies responded to his residence. The victim, who has not been named by law enforcement, was rushed via ambulance to Portneuf Medical Center in Pocatello.

On Monday, Bannock County Sheriff Lorin Nielsen said the incident was in fact a home invasion, adding that such a brazen crime is one of the most frightening situations a person can ever encounter.

“It’s one of your worst nightmares when your home is supposed to be your castle,” Nielsen said about the incident.

Kirkham had criminal convictions related to drugs and resisting arrest prior to being charged with possession of meth and burglary last year. She received a sentence of three years in prison but the judge assigned to the case retained jurisdiction, which is also known as a “rider,” so that she could complete a rehabilitation program in the custody of the Idaho Department of Correction. Kirkham was placed on three years of felony probation in December after she successfully completed her rehabilitation.

At the time of his arrest, Siler was wanted on an outstanding warrant for failing to appear in court on misdemeanor theft charges. Siler has a criminal record dating back to 2013 when he was age 13 or 14, including convictions in 2018 for resisting arrest and battery, according to court documents.

At the time of the alleged shooting, Simons was also on felony probation in relation to an October 2018 burglary conviction. His two-year prison sentence was suspended by the judge in the case and instead he was sentenced to three years of probation.

Simons’ criminal record dates back to 2011 when he was age 12 or 13, according to court documents.

If convicted of just the robbery charges against them, Kirkham, Siler and Simons could each receive a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Chubbuck police have not provided any additional information on the arrests of Kirkham and Siler, both of whom are currently incarcerated at the Bannock County Jail.

Four other people were arrested in Idaho Falls on Friday after attempting to flee from police during the apprehension of Simons.

Bonneville County sheriff’s deputies arrested Simons around 5 p.m. Friday outside of the Grand Teton Mall after a brief foot pursuit. After also attempting to evade capture on foot, Hailey Farmer, 26, of Fort Hall, was arrested with Simons outside of the mall.

Olivia L. Yokoyama, 26, of Blackfoot, was with Simons and Farmer when they were approached by the Bonneville County sheriff’s deputies. Yokoyama ran to a nearby Chevy Impala and sped away from the mall, striking a police car in the process, authorities said.

The officer in the police car was not injured and the police car suffered damage but was still drivable, police said.

In the car driven by Yokoyama were Jared J. Cerino, 29, and Jerel Tillman, 25, both of Fort Hall.

After leaving the mall area, Yokoyama headed west on Sunnyside Road at a high rate of speed with multiple law enforcement officers in pursuit, police said.

As the Impala neared Interstate 15 an Idaho State Police trooper deployed spike strips in an attempt to slow the car. Police said they are unsure if the spike strips were successful.

As the Impala attempted to turn onto Interstate 15 from Sunnyside Road, a police vehicle nudged the car causing it to slide off the side of the road and come to a halt, authorities said. Bonneville County sheriff’s deputies then arrested Yokoyama and her passengers, Cerino and Tillman

Farmer, who’s been charged with misdemeanor resisting and obstructing for what happened outside the mall, is currently incarcerated at the Bannock County Jail.

Farmer, whose criminal record extends back to 2012, was most recently convicted of felony eluding in {span id=”docs-internal-guid-e46746b4-7fff-9020-6494-e975d3de81d5”}{span}Bingham County in January 2017.{/span}{/span}

{span}{span}Felony eluding is punishable by a minimum sentence of five years in prison and a maximum fine of $50,000.{/span}{/span}

If convicted of the misdemeanor resisting and obstructing charge, Farmer faces a maximum penalty of one year in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Less than a month before leading police on the high-speed chase in Idaho Falls the day Simons was arrested, Yokoyama was charged with three counts of burglary, one count of robbery and one count of aggravated battery, all felonies. She was released late last month pending the adjudication of her case.

Details on the incident that led to the burglary, robbery and aggravated battery charges against Yokoyama have not been released.

As a result of Friday’s high-speed chase in Idaho Falls, Yokoyama has been charged with felony eluding and possession of methamphetamine. If convicted of just the robbery charge from the previous incident, Yokoyama faces up to life in prison. Yokoyama is being held at the Bonneville County Jail.

Also booked into the Bonneville County Jail were Cerino, for misdemeanor resisting and obstructing for his alleged actions Friday as well as felony warrants for grand theft and a probation violation for earlier incidents, and Tillman, for misdemeanor resisting and obstructing.

Tillman, who had several criminal convictions as a juvenile, had a clean record as an adult prior to Friday’s incident.

However, Friday’s events did not end without Tillman racking up an additional charge, disturbing the peace, for his alleged behavior at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center in Idaho Falls where he was transported by deputies for medical clearance prior to being booked into Bonneville County Jail, authorities said. If convicted of disturbing the peace, Tillman faces the possibility of another six months in jail and $1,000 fine.

The Chubbuck Police Department on Sunday praised the many Southeast Idaho residents who had provided authorities with information about the suspects that led to their capture.

“The outpouring of information from the public,” Chubbuck police said in their Sunday press release, “demonstrates the trust that our community has in the Chubbuck Police Department and their tips and information were critical in bringing the case to where it is this morning.”