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How to get free, or inexpensive, legal advice in North Carolina

April 11, 2019

Many people have a question about something they’d like to run by an attorney. 5 On Your Side’s annual Attorneys on Call phone bank is one option, but there’s another many might not be aware of.

For people who need legal help but simply can’t afford an attorney, the North Carolina Bar Foundation created the N.C. Free Legal Answers program.

People in low-income households can visit the website, type a question and get a response.

Jackie Grant is the president of the N.C. Bar Association, which started the volunteer-based service one year ago after seeing a statewide need. Similar to legal aid, there are income limits for the service.

“Volunteer lawyers go online and they choose a question in their practice area, and they respond to those questions online,” Grant explained.

N.C. Free Legal Answers handles more than than 20 areas of civil law. The one exclusion is criminal law.

“What I would recommend, though, is that you be as succinct as you can and as direct to the point so that the lawyer who is looking at the question can figure out exactly how they can assist you and what legal help you need,” Grant said.

Another option for legal assistance at a reduced rate that anyone can take advantage of regardless of income is the Bar Association’s attorney referral service. For a payment of $50, callers can speak with an attorney for 30 minutes.

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