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Patti Smith found turning 70 ‘challenging’

May 5, 2019 GMT

Patti Smith found the year she turned 70 “challenging”.

The ‘Because the Night’ hitmaker is writing a follow-up to her 2015 memoir ‘M. Train’, which will cover the year 2016 because it was a period she found so difficult.

She said: ”[The book] covers the year 2016. A challenging year for everyone but personally challenging for me.

“It was a year of personal loss and the year I turned 70.

“When you’ve turned 70 your disciplines get sharper.

“That’s the advantage I have of living a longer life than many of my friends. I’m still searching, still curious.”

The 72-year-old star looks after herself because she is determined to work for as long as she possibly can.


She said: “I mean, the world is in a terrible crisis, but I love life, I love work, and I try to take care of myself the best I can so I can continue to work as long as I can.”

Patti is hoping to make a trip to England in the near future - because she wants to catch up on her favourite British detective shows.

She said: “I recently saw the first episode of the new season of ‘Endeavour’ and got to meet Shaun Evans.

“It’s killing me waiting for the other episodes.

“I’m surviving by watching ‘George Gently’ and ‘Vera’, with Brenda Blethyn. Oh, it’s fantastic.”