5 Oregonians serving life without parole for juvenile crimes

July 31, 2017

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Offenders given true-life sentences for crimes committed as juveniles have gained a glimmer of hope they might someday be released.

Recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions have made clear that only juvenile offenders deemed irreparably corrupt should have no chance for parole.

But an Associated Press review has found the gate of freedom slow to open, including in Oregon.

Since the rulings, Oregon has resentenced one man who had been given life without parole for a killing committed as a youth.

Court records show Oregon still has five men serving true-life sentences for crimes committed as minors.

Another seven who committed serious crimes as juveniles are serving de facto life sentences because they’re ineligible for release until they are over 65. The most prominent is Thurston High School shooter Kip Kinkel.

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