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Feminist Brochure Upsets Feminists

February 25, 1988

STAMFORD, Conn. (AP) _ The editors of a feminist newspaper tried to get a laugh with a promotional brochure aimed at attracting women to a health fair, and wound up angering some of their own supporters.

The Fairfield County Woman newspaper put the headline ″A Great Place for A Nice Girl to Meet a Doctor″ on the front of a brochure it published advertising its March 12 fair.

But members of some local women’s groups who received the brochure in the mail on Feb. 8 sent it back, saying the newspaper betrayed its feminist roots.

An official of the Stamford Commission on Aging wrote that the brochure was ″horrendously titled.″

″We didn’t like that a woman was being referred to as a girl,″ Roxana Kelly said. ″I think that it takes away from the dignity of womanhood to refer to a woman as a girl.″

Bronwyn Thompson-Henry, executive director of the Stamford YWCA and a member of the Woman’s Service Coalition, called the slogan ″appalling and insulting,″ and refused to distribute the 2,000 brochures sent to her.

″We’ve worked too long and too hard to be insulted personally, professionally and politically,″ Thompson-Henry wrote in a Feb. 17 letter to Fairfield County Woman.

″We thought it was fun,″ said Ina Chadwick, editor and publisher of the monthly. ″If we thought it would offend anyone, we would not have done it.″

″When we said it, everyone in the office laughed,″ Chadwick said.

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