Democrats haven’t been there for us -- Tim Fisher

March 17, 2019 GMT

It’s good for the state that the Democratic National Convention will be bringing both attention and dollars to the Milwaukee area and beyond.

I wonder where the national Democratic Party was when my union was nullified with a stroke of a pen. How many of the party leadership showed up or even gave encouragement during the recall? Their silence was deafening and apparently they just took us hicks for granted. How did that work out?

I hope they realize not every liberal is a leftist -- far from it. My concerns are environmental, yet I rarely hear a word on it or the root cause of most of our problems: overpopulation. Both parties’ main concerns seem to be about votes and power, not America.

I could never be a Republican, but I will be an independent until the leadership drives out the far left. U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin, D-Madison, has been there. I don’t see her leading us down the communist (or worse) rabbit hole.

This convention’s platform will show us whose side the Democrats are really on.

Tim Fisher, Madison