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TC Line: ‘Many Angry Women’

December 29, 2018 GMT


I have to agree with the caller about Dillard’s. If our city had allowed Dillard’s to remain an anchor store at the ... new mall we’re now stuck with, at least there would’ve been one store at which to buy quality clothes. If you were to scratch Longmont’s surface, you (would) find many angry women in town who hate the new mall. Thanks for nothing, City Council.

Lazy pot users

I am glad at least one person has some common sense. I don’t know if weed make you sick, but I’m pretty sure it makes a person a lazy. I’ve known a large number of people that use weed, and about 95 percent have little or no ambition. It may be useful for medical use, but let’s see what happens with the GNP when it’s legal in all 50 states.


Pelosi and Schumer

Pelosi (and) Schumer ... are traitors in what they are doing. They are turning their back on the American public. They are supposed to preserve the Constitution and work with the president on something. I think they need to be replaced. They’re traitors to the American people and to the armed services and the people they serve.

Nancy Pelosi

According to the Constitution, the person who is two heartbeats away from the presidency is the speaker of the House. In case of a double disaster, is Nancy Pelosi really the person we want in that position?


When are the Democrats going to get over there hate-Trump kick? ... Are there any Democrats in the House or the Senate that are allowed to vote on their own, or do they have to wait for (Chuck Schumer) ... or Nancy (Pelosi) to tell him what to do?

Fluffy week

I was reading the comment in Friday’s TC Line, “Fluffy week over.” Well, I’d rather have several more fluffy weeks myself.

Obamas not deserving

We can’t believe that Barack and Michelle Obama were voted the most admired people. It seems to us that he was just trying to get more citizens to live off the government.

Dems buy votes

The time has come for us to quit preaching to the choir and just call things like they are. The Democrats don’t care about governing. They care about buying votes.

Fed pay freeze

Not only (are) 800,00 federal employees expected to begin the new year out of work or working without pay because of the partial shutdown, Trump also issued orders freezing federal workers’ pay for the year 2019. You want to tell me again how many times Obama did that?

Democrats’ strategy

You have to appreciate the Democrats’ strategy. They’re opposing funding of the border wall for the express purpose that the people coming across will be voting the Democratic ticket and their children will in the years to come. The Democrats don’t care that these people are undermining the United States and they’re adding an unbelievable burden to the taxpayers when the country is already $18 trillion in debt.