Texas education board considers striking female WWII pilots from required teachings

November 13, 2018 GMT

AUSTIN — Dozens of people, including one woman who traveled from Maine, railed against proposed changes to the Texas social studies curriculum on Tuesday, including a move to strike lessons about Women’s Airforce Service Pilots from a list of required teachings.

The Women’s Airforce Service Pilots, known as WASPs, trained in Houston and Sweetwater, Texas, playing a role in World War II after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

The State Board of Education is scheduled to vote today on whether to accept recommendations from an advisory committee to trim nonessential subjects to streamline the curriculum.

Topics and historical figures being considered for removal from the list of required lessons include Helen Keller and Hillary Clinton as examples of good citizenship.

Members of the state board indicated they were willing to keep WASPs in the social studies standards. Members are expected to vote on whether to keep or abandon other topics Tuesday afternoon.