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Spring Turkey Season is just around the corner

March 15, 2018 GMT

General season turkey season opens on tax day, April 15 and runs through May 25. Turkey season is the first bird season to open. It is sure nice to be outside on a warm spring day when the snow has receded and everything is greening up.

Spring season is only for tom turkeys (male.) Turkeys are about the only bird that it is OK to Arkansas or grounds sluice. By that I mean it is OK to shoot them on the ground. In fact that is the preferred method. Your chances of killing one on the wing are pretty slim.

Tom turkeys are distinguishable by their bright red and blue head. Toms also have spurs and beards. Spring is an exciting time to turkey hunt. The toms are strutting and only have one thing on their mind.

Toms will respond to calls and decoys. And like any other bird calling, less is more.

It is pretty exciting to have one strut into your decoys. They say turkeys are one of the smartest birds around. That may be so but they can be fooled when they are strutting.

I found the best place to hunt is in the Clearwater Region up around Grangeville. I’ve seen a few birds around Idaho City but that area gets a lot of pressure.

Idaho moose, bighorn sheep and mountain goat applications are due next month.

The hunting regulations for moose sheep and goat are out now. You have the month of April to get you application in and you’ll be notified June 10.

I don’t know of any other state where you can pay less than $200 for a moose, sheep or goat tag. That is a fantastic deal. The odds of drawing may be a little long but they are not all that bad especially for moose.

Fish and game posts the odds of drawing on every unit and percentage harvest success.

Remember if you put in for a controlled hunt for moose, sheep or goat you cannot put in for a controlled hunt for deer, elk, antelope or bear.

You can still hunt these animals with a general season tag. You just cannot put in for any big game controlled hunt if you apply for a moose, goat or sheep tag.

If you decide to skip moose, sheep and goat you can apply for controlled hunt tags for all the other big game species starting May 1.

Be sure to double check fish and game regulation for more information.

In the meantime don’t forget to purchase you combo hunting and fishing license.