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InvisiBeatz Earbuds -- New Earphones launched

July 16, 2020 GMT

New York, NY - ( NewMediaWire ) - July 16, 2020 - Are InvisiBeatz worth the money? Well, yes, for sure. Just take a look at the myriad of positive reviews online to see that these earbuds have remarkable sound quality unmatched by rivals. InvisiBeatz, without a shadow of a doubt, are the standouts in the market right now. Given the numerous rave reviews about InvisiBeatz, you can grab a set for yourself with a high level of confidence.

These Bluetooth earbuds are in demand across the globe as an advanced and engaging digital audio product. What makes these earbuds different in what is a very crowded marketplace is their superior sound quality. And when it comes to it, the sound quality is the pre-eminent feature we are looking for in a set of earbuds.


People familiar with the Bluetooth ear pod market agree that InvisiBeatz undeniably are the clear leaders available in 2020. Whether you are a music fan or love podcasts and audiobooks, you can’t go far wrong with InvisiBeatz. They are legit ear pods with a well-earned reputation for quality. And if you are fast, you may also bag a sizable discount into the bargain.

In this article, we will walk you through everything there is to love about these earbuds. We will look at the technology underpinning these earbuds, the features, functions, and benefits. We will then give you our reasoned and thoughtful final verdict.

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 So, what are InvisiBeatz exactly?

Put simply, in our opinion, are the top of the Bluetooth tree for wireless earbuds. This declaration is not just hyperbole. It’s a fact. The sound quality alone wins the earbuds well-deserved plaudits. And these even before we start on the fantastic functions and capabilities integrated into InvisiBeatz. Unlike other wireless earbuds, InvisiBeatz can be counted on for being very user-friendly, intuitive, and hassle-free. What sets them aside from others in the field, though?

The following is a select sample demonstrating the awesomeness well earned. They are:

-     compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices

-     the best for outstanding sound quality

-     water and sweat repellent

-     securely fitting and convenient.

Such is the clarity and sound quality, we are confident that you will have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending InvisiBeatz to your friends and family. The ease of use and sound resolution amounts to an awe-inspiring package you won’t regret buying for a moment.


But there is more to these earbuds than crystal-sharp audio quality. There is also the thoughtful design that has gone into creating ear pods like these. The user-friendly set up makes for a trouble-free and convenient way to listen to all your favourite music and audio files. There is little, if anything, to get in the way of your listening experience. Listening to music is an uninterrupted joy that’s comfortable to the ears both in terms of fit and sound quality.

None of the features or crystal-clear audio comes at the expense of battery life. A single charge is good for up to 30 hours of use, no matter what you happen to be doing. Since they repel water and sweat, they are comfortable to wear and won’t drop out your ears at the gym or while out jogging, etc.

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What are the InvisiBeatz’ most significant advantages?

Thanks to the functionality built into InvisiBeatz, you barely need to touch your phone. They do all the work to ensure maximum listening pleasure. And you can answer phone calls with just one tap, so there’s little chance of missing that urgent call. Using the ear pod buttons located on the side, you have full control of your music at your fingertips. You can play, skip, or adjust the volume with just one tap on the side of the ear unit. Also worthy of note is the fact these earbuds were selected as the most innovative Bluetooth ear pods of 2019. On top of that, you can’t go wrong with its 30-day refund guarantee for every customer.

Unsurprisingly, there has been a massive demand for this highly recommended best buy wireless earbuds. Notably, thanks to the ease with which InvisiBeatz connect to other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Pairing is almost instant, not the protracted wait-and-see wait you usually associate with Bluetooth devices. As mentioned earlier in this InvisiBeatz review, the battery charging uses the latest technology to quickly charge the battery and provide a massive 30 hours of listening time. Enough, surely, for even the most ardent of music fans between charges. The fast-charging capability and frugal power consumption are more than adequately matched for all-day listening.

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How do InvisiBeatz work?

Without getting overly technical, the InvisiBeatz utilize the latest technology and software to connect to all manner of digital devices. Its cutting edge package has created quite the stir in the marketplace for sure. So much so, the InvisiBeatz’ status is widely acknowledged as that of the market leader. Thirty-two-ohm sound makes the stereo near studio-quality. Users will instantly notice a huge and resounding difference in sound quality. The high-end ear pods will leave a lasting impression thanks to the added firepower that these wireless ear pods will bring to your music.

The earbuds are ergonomically designed to be a perfect fit for your ears. The design not only aids comfort and prevents the earbuds falling out easily, but it also helps optimize the audio and shut out external noise. The ear units mold to your ears while the sealed bodywork and internal hydrophobic coating repel water and sweat. This property enables the InvisiBeatz to operate in all conditions and weather. This quality is ideal if you intend to use them in the great outdoors or at the gym. Or even just pushing your trolley around the supermarket. When you take all these great features and functionality together, the InvisiBeatz will guarantee your satisfaction.

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How do InvisiBeatz differ from other wireless ear pods?

The Jives are way ahead in terms of unique and unparalleled features and functionality that you won’t find on alternative products currently available. But of all the great things you can say about the InvisiBeatz, perhaps the biggest we can all identify with is the ease of use. The InvisiBeatz are in a league of their own, automatically syncing with your phone to make listening to your favourite jams as easy as possible while on the go. They also track and monitor your battery status, notifying you if it is time to charge up again.

Some customer reviews

Customer David said his InvisiBeatz were his first choice when buying wireless ear pods. He was ‘quite satisfied’ with his ear pods and enjoying his music listening again without any concerns. David added: “I have no hesitation in recommending InvisiBeatz. They are amazing and very well priced.”

Customer, Alexandra is a self-confessed gizmo and tech nerd, and she highly rates the InvisiBeatz. She gives them full marks for value and sound quality. Noted Alexandra: “There are some great deals around on these earbuds. They are so worth the money. And it’s just not me raving about; there are plenty other reviewers saying the same thing.”

Meanwhile, a third customer, Marc, is another delighted customer who feels there is a huge fan base for the Jive ear pods. The pros of the InvisiBeatz are massive, he commented, one of which is the competitive pricing.

Added Marc: “I give them a comfortable five out five. I rate these earbuds very highly and recommend them to any music fan who appreciates their music without fuss or technology getting in the way of the listening experience.”

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Where can I buy InvisiBeatz?

There are plenty of outlets online, but we would recommend shopping on the official site. We may be biased, but shopping via the official site will get you an exclusive and sizable discount.

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Final verdict!

After much consideration and thorough investigation, there is little doubt that InvisiBeatz are the outstanding stars of the wireless ear pods market. They shine bright thanks to their innovative design and clever use of technology to make the listening experience as hassle-free as humanly possible.

But the ace in the InvisiBeatz pack must surely be its flawless sound quality. You really can hear the difference thanks to the 3D and binaural stereo that is genuinely immersive and renders the music as close as possible to what the artist envisaged in the studio. The Bluetooth compatibility is impressive too. They connect to whatever device you want to use in almost an instant. Overall, then, the InvisiBeatz are a very safe buy.

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