Photographer paints goat to celebrate LeBron James

June 6, 2018 GMT

Photographer paints goat to celebrate LeBron James

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- A black and white goat named Flapjack munches away at a bale of hay on the floor of the James Douglas Studio. Most of the portraits taken here have been of humans, so this particular subject is getting lots of attention from interns and guests. 

When the Cavaliers made their 4th straight trip to the NBA Finals, photographer James Douglas Shields decided to celebrate LeBron James, the player he and others call the greatest of all time (or G.O.A.T.). He decided he would photograph an actual goat and promote the image during the 2018 Finals games in Cleveland. 

After talking with Mark and Alissa Miller of Feels Like Home Farm, he found the right animal to bring his idea to life. The Millers brought Flapjack, a Tennessee Fainting Goat, to the downtown Cleveland photography studio for his closeup. 

See the video above for a look at Flapjack during the shoot.