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Coach charged with rape of player’s sister

September 12, 2018 GMT

A Metro Youth Sports football coach, charged Tuesday with the July rape of a young woman, told an officer he needed help resisting younger girls.

Marvin J. Davis, 32, of the 1000 block of Columbia Avenue, has a warrant for his arrest and a preliminary bail of $12,500, according to a spokesman at the Allen County Jail.

He is charged with rape and sexual battery.

He met the woman after he took her younger brother, a member of Davis’ football team, and her mother to a RediMed clinic when her brother was injured.

Davis asked the victim if she was interested in applying to be an assistant cheerleading coach and arranged to pick her up the next morning to try out for the position, according to court documents.


About 9:30 a.m. July 19, Davis picked up the victim and drove to his house where he said he needed to get some paperwork, documents said. During the ride, the victim said he began to ask her “weird questions.” He asked her how old she was and commented that she looked older, then said she couldn’t be a coach at her age.

She entered his home where she said she felt comfortable because his children were there and he was her brother’s football coach, court documents said.

But comfort quickly turned to fear as he grabbed her by the back of her neck and forced her against the bedroom door, court records said.

Davis began ripping off her clothes, held her arms in a lock and pushed her through the bedroom door and onto a bed where he raped her, court documents said. When she told him to stop, Davis told her to “shut up,” court records said.

When she tried to scream, Davis put his hand over her mouth, court documents said. Davis used a condom, which the girl recovered, wrapped in toilet paper and turned over to law enforcement once she was taken to a hospital, court records said.

She was able to escape after she told Davis a friend needed her and he drove the victim to that home.

After she went to the hospital, she was taken to the Sexual Assault Treatment Center and later interviewed at the Dr. Bill Lewis Center for Children.

Davis told an officer he had consensual sex with the victim and when he asked if he could see her again, she said “we can figure everything out because my mom can’t find out.”

Davis also asked the officer if there were “any type of classes or anything. I am not admitting guilt to nothing, but I understand I have had issues. Younger girls come on to me all of the time. Normally I pull away, I pull away, I pull away and don’t act on it, but I do want to get help with it,” court documents said.

Evidence sent to the Indiana State Police Laboratory along with the condom, court records said.