Iran disputes Donald Trump’s claim that a nuclear deal is possible

May 28, 2019 GMT

Iran said Tuesday there are no prospects for talks with the U.S., responding to President Trump’s comments a day earlier that he believes a deal is possible with Tehran on its nuclear program.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi was quoted by the semi-official Fars news agency as saying, “We currently see no prospect of negotiations with America.”

“Iran pays no attention to words; what matters to us is a change of approach and behavior,” he said, according to Reuters.

Mr. Trump said Monday on a visit to Japan, “I really believe that Iran would like to make a deal, and I think that’s very smart of them, and I think that’s a possibility to happen.”


The president also emphasized that the U.S. doesn’t want to topple Iran’s leadership, saying “we are looking for no nuclear weapons.”

“We’re not looking for regime change I just want to make that clear,” Mr. Trump said in Tokyo. “I don’t want to hurt Iran at all. It has a chance to be a great country, with the same leadership.”

The president withdrew from last year from the Obama administration’s 2015 nuclear deal with Tehran and has imposed increasing sanctions on Iran in an effort to force it to the negotiating table.

The U.S. this month also has deployed a carrier strike group and bombers to the Middle East, while announcing plans to send another 1,500 troops to the region.Some Democrats criticized Mr. Trump’s comments about Iran Monday.

“This is why we are a global laughingstock,” tweeted Sen. Chris Murphy, Connecticut Democrat. ”[Secretary of State Mike] Pompeo is going around the world saying Iran must meet 12 demands. Trump says that just have to get rid of nuclear weapons (which they already had). What a disaster.”