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State’s High Court Dismisses Ivana Trump’s Appeal of Gag Order

July 1, 1992 GMT

NEW YORK (AP) _ Ivana Trump’s appeal to lift her gag order was turned down without comment by the state’s highest court Wednesday, leaving in place the prohibition against her talking about her 14-year marriage to Donald Trump.

On Tuesday, the appellate division of the state Supreme Court voted 5-0 to reaffirm its April 16 decision upholding the confidentiality clause Mrs. Trump signed at the time of the couple’s March 22 divorce.

Trump has threatened to sue because her novel, ″For Love Alone,″ is widely believed to be a thinly veiled account of their marriage.


Tuesday’s ruling leaves the way clear for such a lawsuit.

Trump’s lawyers struck on another front, claiming his ex-wife is ″cohabitating″ with Riccardo Mazzucchelli.

They told Justice Phyllis Gangel-Jacob that Mazzucchelli travels with Mrs. Trump, cooks for her and keeps his clothes and vitamin pills at her house.

Therefore, they argued, Trump should not have to pay Ivana any more alimony, which is $350,000 a year.

Attorney Neil Papiano denied that Mrs. Trump was cohabiting with Mazzucchelli. He cited case law that said that even if a man spends every night with a woman for six months, that does not establish cohabitation.

Gangel-Jacob reserved judgment.