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BC-Entries Remington Park

March 9, 2019
By The Associated Press

1st_$12,400, cl $10,000-$10,000, 3YO up, 3f.<

Dcm Furyofthestorm;126;Jf Royal Storm;124
Ho Lotta Love;126;Rp Recklesslivewire;126
A Streakin Apple;126;Lota Black Beauty;126
Dos Sign;126;D Railed;126

2nd_$20,300, mdn cl $10,000-$10,000, 3YO, 3f.<

De Blue Streak;124;B Fast Senator;124
A Separate Star;124;Ladybug Wagon;124
High Rate Runaway;124;Assend the Train;124
Racing Bigtime;124;Louisiana Streaker;124
Red Rock On;124;Surprise At the Bar;124
Train to B Bad;124;Fannie Blankers;124

3rd_$12,300, mdn cl $6,250-$6,250, 3, 4 & 5YO, .<

Luckathalou;124;Ferry de Rollin;124
A Avery Reed;124;Mirabeau;124
Wagonfullofdiamonds;126;Make Him Go Bye Bye;126
Special Southern Bay;126;Jess R Tuff;124
Im Royal Jess;124;Jo Steel;124
Louisiana Wildkat;124;Jess Praire Princess;124

4th_$13,500, cl $7,500-$7,500, 3YO up, 3f.<

Tale Gator;126;R We There Yet;126
Rare Courage;124;Df Paint Country Jo;126
Cnn Little Secret;126;Jesse Mae Laveaux;124
Dashel;126;Sm Lexis Chick;126

5th_$17,100, cl $20,000-$20,000, 3YO, 3f.<

Jesse Joe;124;Paint Your Hague;124
Dashing Royale;124;Jc Blue Rose;124
Its the Whiskey;124;Dowhatigotta;124
Salvy Splash;124;Omg Hes Hot;124
Criminal Connections;124;Bp Fling Your Paint;124

6th_$13,500, cl $7,500-$7,500, 3YO up, 3f.<

Wokie;126;Late Train;124
Cassicango;124;Wee Bit Shady;126
Jess Zoomn;126;Geesflyinfreightrain;126
Gold Rockin Regent;126;Brodemeister;124
Oklahoma Royal Cash;126;Jess Chew;126
Tres Seis Stoli;126

7th_$18,100, , 2YO, 2½f.<

Rolling Timber;124;Piecicle;124
North Bound Train;124;Jc Storm;124
Dallas Dynasty;124;Js Im So Fancy;124
Daisy Cakes;124;Moxxy;124
Relentless Episode;124;Volcoms Quick;124

8th_$20,000, alc, 3YO (NW2 L), 3f.<

Prowlskeepingsecrets;124;Mark to Market;124
Lethal Eclipse;124;Scaredy Pants;124
Rvr Undercover Lover;124;My Dad Don;124
Wilder Ways;124;Miss Blue October;124
Dynamite Lips;124;Creedance;124
Jess Wagon P;124;Apollitical Design;124

9th_$25,300, cl $30,000-$30,000, 3YO up, 3f.<

Two Dash Corona;126;Effortless Chic Desi;126
Valiant Curl Girl;126;Vf Adreneline Rush;126
Dreams Answered;126;Chocolatepaintedkiss;124
Cappafeyin;124;Black Gold Okie;126
Jk Wildcat Red;126;Hope Hes the One;126
Jess Candy Politics;126;Out Prowling;126

10th_$27,000, alc, 3YO up, 3f.<

Shaky Hero;126;Despain Gl;126
Ferrari James;126;Home Boy James;126
Born to B Bad;126;Js History Lesson;124
Tommy the Train;126;Mr Bay Legs;126
Feature Me Gorgeous;126;Three Olives N Smoke;126
Flashy Concho;126;High Plains Perry;126

11th_$20,000, alc, 3YO (NW2 L), 3f.<

Choochoowannaboogie;124;Bv the Race Is On;124
Individualistic;124;Tate Or Chip;124
Won Brave Heart;124;Hittin It Big;124
Ms Perry Cartel;124;Money All Day;124
Shaunda N Prizes;124;Uncurled Fist;124
Ivorys Designer Dash;124;Charlies Fury;124

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