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Three Men Indicted In Traci Lords Probe

March 6, 1987 GMT

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Eight months after authorities learned that actress Traci Lords starred in ″Those Young Girls″ and dozens of other sex films as a minor, three men have been indicted in connection with her performances.

Ronald Rene Kantor, 40, and Rupert Sebastian Macnee, 39, both of Los Angeles, and James Marvin Souter Jr., 47, of Thousand Oaks, were charged Thursday for investigation of pandering, which carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison and a $100,000 fine.

U.S. Attorney Robert Bonner said he expected more indictments because of the many films Miss Lords from the time she was 15 until she turned 18.


The one-count indictment accuses Kantor and Macnee of employing Miss Lords for ″Those Young Girls″ in 1984. Souter, employed by the World Modeling Agency, was accused of aiding and abetting for ″procuring Lords’ services,″ Bonner said.

The film graphically shows Miss Lords engaged in a variety of heterosexual and homosexual acts, Bonner said. ″Nothing is left to the imagination.″

Miss Lords, whose other films included ″New Wave Hookers″ and ″Lust in the Fast Lane,″ made all her movies before she was 18.

Retailers were forced to pull videos of all her movies from their shelves when her entire catalog was deemed illegal last year.

The teen actress had allegedly used false identification to get work in sex films.

″I think it is unfortunate that the government has seen the necessity to pursue this matter to an indictment given the extraordinarily responsible position taken by the adult film industry in July when the information first developed that Miss Lords might have been under 18,″ said John H. Weston, attorney for Kantor and Macnee.

″The major issue in the case is going to involve the government’s contention ... that reasonable belief in the age appropriateness of actors and actresses is immaterial.″