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A Clean Gun is More Accurate and Lasts Longer

October 25, 1987 GMT

SWEETWATER, Tenn. (AP) _ A clean gun is more accurate and lasts longer.

″It only takes a few minutes to clean a gun, and get the carbon, copper, lead and other bits of the bullet and powder out of the bore,″ said Lee C. Brown, president of United States Products Co., maker of Gold Medallion bore cleaner.

″You clean a firearm for three reasons: One, to create the ultimate in precision and accuracy of the firearm by removing the fouling materials, to ensure safety by providing close examination of the bore for obstructions and to make sure all the working pieces are in operating order and to protect your investment. Cleaning achieves extended barrel life,″ Brown said.


Gold Medallion is a rare earth suspended in a lubricant. Most other gun cleaners are solvents.

Cleaning techniques are similar.

Remove the barrel from the weapon if possible. If not, make sure to position the weapon in such a way that any dirt in the barrel does not fall into the action during the cleaning.

Use a quality cleaning rod, with a guide that will prevent the rod from scratching down the barrel, Brown said.

Use a wire bore brush for shotguns, rifles and pistols, but for rifles and pistols use one size smaller brush than the one designed for the caliber weapon you’re cleaning, Brown said.

″Wrap the brush in a gun patch. That gives you a good, tight fit in the bore,″ Brown said. ″Pour some Gold Medallion on the patch and and run it up and down the bore eight or 10 times.″

Repeat the process until the patch stays clean.

If the rifle is to be stored, put some oil on a new patch and run it town the barrel, but make sure you clean the oil out before you fire the gun, Brown said.

The action should be cleaned only by a gunsmith, Brown said. If you get some grit into it, ″use a can of pressurized air to blow it out.″

If you must clean the action, use a light lubricant on a gun patch, he said. ″Do not use Gold Medallion on the action.″

″The action is there to load and hold the ammunition and it’s critical to accuracy,″ Brown said. ″If you have a stiff action you will have a more accurate firearm. If you have a loose-fitting action, you lose accuracy.″

A new barrel should be cleaned before use, he said.

″Then clean the bore after each of the first 10 shots,″ he said. ″That way each bullet is burnishing a clean bore. Each bullet does not have to travel over the previouys shots filings and is not forcing the copper or the filings into the bore itself,″ he said.

He said that technique ″can increase the accuracy of your firearm by between 30 percent and 40 percent.″

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