Wyoming Man Gets 2 Years For Child Porn

January 10, 2018

POTTSVILLE — A Wyoming man will spend time in state prison after a Schuylkill County judge sentenced him Monday for possessing child pornography.

Raymond M. Shelly Jr., 36, must serve one to two years in a state correctional institution, plus pay costs and $50 to the Criminal Justice Enhancement Account and submit a DNA sample to law enforcement officials, Judge Cyrus Palmer Dolbin decided.

In addition, Dolbin ruled Shelly is a Tier 2 offender and subject to 25 years of sanctions under Megan’s Law. He also ordered Shelly to forfeit a cellphone and a computer he used in committing his crimes.

Shelly pleaded guilty on Nov. 29, 2017, to dissemination of photo or film of child sex acts and criminal use of a communication facility. Prosecutors withdrew a charge of sexual abuse of children-child pornography.

The state attorney general’s office alleged Shelly possessed and distributed a pornographic cellphone video from May 5 through May 9, 2017, in various locations in Schuylkill County. Officials said the video depicts a child under age 13 engaging in sexual contact.

Additionally, according to authorities, Shelly admitted that he has been attracted to young men for at least six years and viewing child pornography for that long.

“He stated he knows it is wrong and needs help,” according to the Affidavit of Probable Cause that prosecutors filed in the case.

The Megan’s Law sanctions to which Shelly will be subject once he leaves prison will require him to provide his name, address, Social Security number, telephone numbers, photograph, employment, any schools he might attend, registration of any vehicles he owns and other information to state police. Any violation of the sanctions would be an additional crime and subject Shelly to further prosecution.

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