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Following second Gator Bowl, Coach Brewer optimistic

August 18, 2018 GMT

MOUNT CARMEL -- Last year Mt. Carmel football Head Coach Michael Brewer had the opportunity to take in his first Gator Bowl, this year, feeling much more comfortable, the second-year coach relished the opportunity to get a glimpse of his squad with more pressure than an ordinary practice. For fans, it offered a first look at the new edition of the Golden Aces.

“I feel like I’m more prepared,” Coach Brewer said. “As far as a group, I’ve done a better job of communicating, having a longer term plan, we’ve been able to do that just because we started so much earlier. As far as health wise, it’s just made practice easier because we can get things done. It’s not like we’re, last year, it felt like for two months we retaught things a different guy in a new spot, so that’s been helpful. I think everyone’s comfort level is more so than it was last year so that’s been nice.”

There were some miscommunications and things the Golden Aces need to work out between now and next Friday, but that much was expected by Coach Brewer and his staff heading into his team’s first time under the lights not in a practice setting.

“I think the best part of it is just to get them out here and kind of break them in,” Coach Brewer said. “There’s nerves, being so worried to get lined up that I didn’t hear the play call, there’s some quirky things like that going on so it’s good to get those things out of the way. Hopefully a week from tomorrow we won’t have to deal with those.”

Expected to take another step this year, sophomore quarterback Kaleb Applebey, who’s entering his second season as the starter for Mt. Carmel.

″[Kaleb’s] a talented kid he’s going to be fine,” Coach Brewer spoke of Applebey. “He makes strides every single day, he’s young, a sophomore, wasn’t around for some of the summer stuff becasue he was doing some other things, basketball and other things that were pulling at his time. He gets better a little bit every day. Some of it’s mental, some of it’s throwing the football and repetition of that. But Kaleb’s a fantastic player, a fantastic athlete, he’s definitely something we’re looking forward to.”

Aside from getting reps, the Golden Aces announced something additional following the completion of the Gator Bowl, the official vote by the players for the captains.

The players voted for seniors Luke Gould, Ryan Johnson, Blake Kight and Chris Shelby. Four players expected to make a significant impact for the Golden Aces this season.

“Those are four fantastic kids, hard workers, they set a great example,” Coach Brewer spoke of his captains. “Four high character kids, I think they represent our team well. I’m really happy about that. Our kids vote on that, I think it says a lot about our whole team, they picked those guys out. We had others that were definitely deserving, so it’s tough to only pick four. Like I said, this whole team is a great bunch of kids.”

Mt. Carmel will begin their season on the road next Friday, Aug. 24 against Harrisburg at 7 p.m.