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Editorial Trump saves the Special Olympics from a near-disaster his own budget caused

March 31, 2019 GMT

“The Special Olympics will be funded, I just told my people,” quoth the gracious leader, days after his own secretary of education endured a righteous bipartisan grilling over plans to slash $17 million in funding for one of America’s most inspiring and unifying annual events. Thursday afternoon, Trump claimed he had only heard about the cut “this morning.”

See if you can follow: Trump 1) demands massive tax cuts, a windfall to corporations and the wealthy above all, that balloon budget deficits and debt to record levels, 2) proposes a budget that, in response to declining government revenue, slashes domestic discretionary spending every which way, eviscerating funding for public housing and the social safety net while boosting expenditures on the military and his border wall, 3) lets a member of his own Cabinet be thrown to the wolves; 4) swoops in like a hero to spare one beloved program from the chopping block.

The next step will be demanding the American people thank him for averting a tiny bit of the damage his own priorities were about to do.

This editorial is from the New York Daily News.