County celebrates Levee building grand opening

November 15, 2017

While a host of CameronCounty officials celebrated the official opening of the CameronCountyLeveeBuilding Tuesday afternoon, they held a moment of silence for the building’s interior designer, who died tragically in September.

John Pearcy, an architect with Megamorphosis Design, who worked with architect Meg Jorn on the six-story building that now hosts three justice of the peace offices, constable’s office, the tax assessor’s office, the county’s IT department and the county clerk’s offices, said everyone can be proud of Jorn.

“She was responsible for all the interiors, all the furniture selections and a myriad of other projects in the area,” Pearcy said. “And I think that we can all agree that she did an amazing job.”

Jorn died Sept. 13 in Harlingen after a traffic accident on Expressway 83.

“Since she couldn’t be with us today … on behalf of my friend and collaborator, Meg, we’d like to express our deepest gratitude to CameronCounty for our involvement in this landmark project,” Pearcy said.

And there is no doubt that for CameronCounty and Brownsville that this is a landmark project.

The six-story Levee building used to be a Wells Fargo bank until the financial institution moved out. In February 2016, the county bought the building for $2.3 million.


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