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Bears banner season teaches life lessons

December 31, 2018

Football is just a game, but nonetheless, it can teach valuable life lessons.

The breakout season the Chicago Bears have enjoyed stands as an example.

Remember that first game of the season back in early September? The Bears played well for the most part but faltered at the end and fell to arch rival Green Bay.

It was clearly a lost opportunity, and it could be argued Chicago snapped defeat from the jaws of victory that evening.

That’s surely what a lot of Bears fans thought at the time, and they took their frustrations out on first-year coach Matt Nagy.

In conversations that took place on social media and around water coolers, things like this were said:

“He (Nagy) is in over his head.”

“He’s worse than Trestman (former Bears coach Marc Trestman).”

Now let’s fast forward to the present. The Bears have played 15 games since, winning 12. They are the NFC North Division champions and headed to the playoffs for the first time since 2010.

What does this prove? It reinforces the value of patience. If some fans would have had their way, Nagy would have been fired after one game.

It also shows the importance of not jumping to conclusions. The Bears had completed one sixteenth of their schedule after the opening game, and a good many people had already decided it was going to be another lousy season.

Instead, the campaign has been among the best in franchise history and Nagy is a prime candidate to be named NFL Coach of the Year.

Be patient. Don’t rush to judgment.

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