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Letter: It’s never hot on the golf course

September 5, 2018

It’s never hot on the golf courseRight after I turned 70 in July, I went to walk nine holes at the Short Beach golf course.The temperature was in the 90’s and very humid.I get a kick hearing today’s students and their parents complaining when the schools don’t let them go home early.In the 50’s and 60’s, going home because of the heat was unheard of. After all what would be the point.No one had air conditioning so when we got home we grabbed our bikes or a basketball and went out the door.In fact, we were so “deprived” we’d drink water out of a hose or run through a sprinkler to cool off.Pretty much everyone I saw on the golf course that hot day was my age or older ( I was joined by an 88 year old gentleman).Even though school was out there wasn’t a single teenager on the course. I guess it was too hot for them.Mike HurleyStratford