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Pelvic Floor Strong Review: Alex Miller’s Core Repair Method

July 29, 2020 GMT

Homewood, IL - ( NewMediaWire ) - July 29, 2020 - Pelvic Floor Strong is an informational video series by Alex Miller that focuses on total core and pelvic floor repair methods that are suitable for any aging male or female body. Found exclusively at, the compelling video featuring Alex Miller (a fitness instructor and Women’s Health Specialist based in Vancouver, Canada), will meet viewers with a headline that reads, ‘This Strange Arm Technique STOPS Accidental Bladder Leakage’, and will reveal the intriguing nature as to how these Pelvic Floor Strong exercises and training system could work wonders for age-related issues.


For the longest time, pelvic floor dysfunction was always deliberated as the potential aftermath of giving birth. However, this has since been challenged, as many women continue to face this issue without even getting pregnant. Many affirm that the most common causes of this disorder include age, general diseases, and health issues (primarily the abdomen, pelvis, and respiratory), among others. Given that one of the significant symptoms associated with pelvic floor dysfunction is leakage, women are fixated on finding the ultimate healing process.

Without further ado, comes a solution that is proclaimed as being 100% natural and free from prescription drugs and surgeries. The purpose of this review is to introduce  Pelvic Floor Strong  and the potential it has in treating common concerns faced by aging women.

What is Pelvic Floor Strong?

Pelvic Floor Strong is an at-home educational program that centers around total core and pelvic floor strengthening. Through the application of select exercises, women over the age of 40 are believed to regain their self-confidence and sexual drive, all while bettering their pelvic health. Originally priced at $150, consumers can now  Order Pelvic Floor Strong  and receive all the material and information for $37.

Why is pelvic floor dysfunction a concern?

Pelvic floor dysfunction has been coined to refer to any disorders that have been linked to impaired pelvic floor muscles and ligaments. Impaired muscles are an issue that needs addressing because its role typically entails holding the bladder, uterus, and bowels in place.


When these muscles are contracted and relaxed, things like ensuring that one is capable of urinating without any pain, tightening vaginal opening, and in the case of women, sexual pleasure is all achieved.

According to  the official website, the goal of Pelvic Floor Strong is to help women recover and rid one of pelvic floor dysfunction. Moreover, it is believed that muscle tightness within the upper body is one of many factors that bring damage to the pelvic muscles. By addressing this issue through exercise, women can down regain comfort in their rightful bodies.

What concepts will Pelvic Floor Strong inform women about?

As far as education goes, Pelvic Floor Strong has the essentials broken down into seven chapters:

Chapter 1: Pelvic Floor Strong is introduced and an overview is provided

Chapter 2: The proper way to do a kegel so that one’s pelvic floor muscles can be fortified is shared

Chapter 3: How to Engage the abdominals and strengthen the core to promote a flattened belly

Chapter 4: How to shift one’s stance so that 30% more of the muscles are used. This is deemed critical in boosting the metabolism and tricking the body to lose weight.

Chapter 5: More approaches to eliminating pelvic floor issues will be discussed in the chapter

Chapter 6: Familiarizing oneself with the 3-step movement sequence that is expected to strengthen the abdominal canister (i.e. pelvic floor and core), and ridding one of leaking bulging and/or heaviness of the vagina

Chapter 7: An additional 3 steps that can be applied in one’s daily life to prevent leakage

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)What are the symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction?

As suggested by many resources, the common symptoms associated with  pelvic floor dysfunction  include urinary issues, constipation, lower back pain, discomfort during sexual intercourse, and, from time to time, muscle spasms within the pelvic.

What is diastasis recti?

Diastasis recti is a separation in the abdomens, namely, the six-pack muscles. Though trusted as a common issue faced during and after pregnancy, many studies have found that men too experience it. This is believed to lead to increased back pain, deteriorated posture, and a constant battle between bloating and constipation.

Is it true that Pelvic Floor Strong is only suitable for women who have had children?

No, it is not true. Although pelvic floor dysfunction is commonly experienced by women who’ve undergone pregnancy, the condition can be experienced by just about anyone.

Is Pelvic Floor Strong only suitable for women in their 40s? What about their late 60s?

According to the creator behind Pelvic Floor Strong, this system was specifically designed for women over the age of 40. However, much of the best results she has since come across are from women over their 60s. The difference here rests in slight modifications in the exercises so that comfort is not compromised.

How long after birth should this program be used?

As advertised, Pelvic Floor Strong can be used any time, even if it has been over 15 years. It is believed that the healing process is easier the longer it has been since birthing children. Hence, recent mothers should wait it out a couple of years prior to giving this program a shot.

What does each Pelvic Floor Strong purchase include?

Aside from the informational video, women will also be presented with the following bonuses:

Bonus #1. Pelvic Floor Strong Informational Handbook

In the event that women feel they want to have  Pelvic Floor Strong readily available, a written version of the video is offered for free. In it, individuals will be able to read through the steps to achieving a strengthened pelvic floor, namely, pec stretches and the 3-step movement sequence.

Bonus #2. Diastasis Recti Improvement Checklist

The second bonus is a checklist that allows women to track their progress throughout the program.

Bonus #3. Flat Belly Fast

Flat Belly Fast is a 10-minute quick start routine filled with an array of ab exercises. Deemed diastasis safe, many of the exercises in this routine are believed to alleviate back pain, heal diastasis recti, and shape the waist. In addition to the video version, comes an exercise manual that illustrates the steps.

Bonus #4. Back to Life

Back to Life is a “3 Stretch Pain-Free Video” put together by a healthy back expert, Emily Lark. As the name suggests, Lark will share three of her favorite at-home stretches to help with lower back and sciatica, middle and upper back pain, and neck and shoulder pain to name the least.

How much does Pelvic Floor Strong cost?

Originally priced at $150, Pelvic Floor Strong is currently offered at $37. In addition to the drastic price reduction, 60-day money-back guarantee is also provided. To get in touch with customer service regarding the refund process, send an email to

Meet Alex Miller

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Alex Miller is the creator of Pelvic Floor Strong. Aside from this achievement, she is a known fitness instructor, who has had the opportunity to teach thousands of students in the most elite fitness studios. Most of all, her passion as a women’s health specialist, allowed her to fully invest her time in becoming a prenatal and postnatal fitness instructor, as well as getting certified in weight training, functional movement, and meditation. For those who want to follow her, she is currently active on Instagram with just over 2,466 followers.

Final Thoughts

Pelvic Floor Strong  is an educational system meant to advise women on select exercises and techniques that can rid one of the issues associated with pelvic floor dysfunctions. Primarily, those who are accustomed to leakage and diastasis can find relief from Pelvic Floor Strong.

What makes this system reliable is the fact that creator and trainer, Alex Miller experienced this issue herself. Hence, Pelvic Floor Strong is a result of her own research, trials, and errors and her healing. Finally comes affordability, which is relatively fair, especially considering the number of extra resources provided with each purchase along with the 60-day money-back guarantee. To learn more about Pelvic Floor Strong, click  here.