Beloved Cleveland letter carrier celebrates 60 years on the job

November 17, 2017 GMT

Beloved Cleveland letter carrier celebrates 60 years on the job

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The staff of the U.S. Post Office’s East 55th Street location in Cleveland took time out Friday to honor one of its own - a letter carrier whose length of service is truly remarkable.

80 year old Letter carrier Alfonzo Theodore (or “A.T.” as most people know him) Wilson Jr. celebrated his 60th year working for the United States Postal Service in Cleveland, where he also resides. Initially hired on to work as a substitute clerk in 1957, Wilson quickly showed initiative, and a year later became a letter carrier in Shaker Heights. In 1968, he was assigned a new route in University Circle - the route he still delivers today.

Working in the days before email or cell phones, there was a lot more mail, and everyone eagerly awaited the mailman. Wilson knew them all by name, still runs into people on the street who knew him when they were children. He has no plans to retire anytime soon.

“My father would tell me to read the Bible and if I found the word retirement in there, to show it to him,” Wilson said. “The way I was brought up, if you’re blessed to work and able to work, you work. I’ve stayed this long with the Postal Service because I love serving the public. It’s all about service. The opportunity to serve is its own reward, and the Lord will let me know when it’s time to sit down.”