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Remember When: 1941

November 3, 2018 GMT

In the news this week 77 years ago:

• Gradale Sororities of Pennsylvania held its eighth annual fall conference in Sewickley for the first time. The sororities were made up of of high school graduates and directed by the state YMCA organization.

The conference, held in St. Stephen parish house and at the Sewickley YMCA, included topics such as “Gradale and Preparation for the Future Home” and “Gradale and Trends of Religious Thought in a World at War.”

• Mrs. Georgiana McKee Blair of Sewickley was named the official sponsor of the USS McKee, a Fletcher-class destroyer then under construction in Texas.

The ship, named for Mrs. Blair’s late uncle, Navy Lt. Hugh Wilson McKee, was commissioned in March 1943. It was the third ship to be named for Lt. McKee, who died during the U.S. expedition to Korea in 1871.

Ships named for McKee were involved in the Spanish-American War, World War I and World War II.

• The Herald reminded readers to join the rest of the country in displaying their flags on October 27 for Navy Day.

“We should give evidence of our appreciation of our sea fighters who are our first reliance in the dangers that seem to lie ahead of our nation,” the editors wrote.

• Several valley residents did well at the Lorain County Kennel Club’s show in Ohio. Local competitors included Dr. R.L. Anderson’s Welsh terriers, Marlu Miss Magnificent and Mr. Brown of Halcyon; Mrs. Robert Landon’s standard poodle, Fantasie de Carousel; and Jake Terhune’s airedale, Champion Two Jays Talked About.

• The YMCA’s Phalanx Fraternity was busy preparing for a mischief- free Halloween.

“In previous years our celebration has indirectly reduced property damage in Sewickley and surrounding boroughs from hundreds of dollars to almost an insignificant amount,” fraternity members wrote.

“It is with this thought in mind that we have planned this evening for the children to be full of more surprising entertainment than in the past.”

Activities were to include a parade featuring several marching bands and a king and queen selected by local high school students, a costume contest and an orchestral performance.