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Charleston Single Mom Set To Summit Mount Everest To Raise $1 Million For NCI-Designated Cancer Center

February 12, 2020 GMT

CHARLESTON, S.C., Feb. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Cokie Berenyi thinks big. Really big. Big enough to commit to climbing the world’s 7 highest peaks, to raising $1million to fund a new mobile health unit for MUSC’s Hollings Cancer Center in order to help save women’s lives, AND going beyond her own borders to impact women around the world – to re-focus on their own health and wellness to find their purposeful path – and pay it forward in a way that is personally meaningful.

Recognizing the scope of her commitment and her plan, Berenyi championed a campaign called Everyday Everest, to remind women that every day their mothers, sisters, daughters and aunts ignore critical annual pap, breast and HPV screenings and vaccines; every day a woman dies from treatable cancer. And, putting her money where her mouth is, dedicating it to MUSC Hollings Cancer Center (HCC), to support the acquisition of a new mobile health unit that will both raise awareness and provide broader accessibility for preventative screenings.

Elaborating on the catchphrase, Berenyi adds, “With all the hats we women wear, we figuratively climb mountains every day; sometimes simply keeping my mammogram appointment is a summit in and of itself. Taking care of ourselves first isn’t selfish,” she emphatically states. “It’s the greatest act of love we can give our families, our friends, even our neighbors and co-workers.”

Reinforcing the mantra she says, “Above and beyond family and career, women need to take charge of their bodies - physically and preventatively. Is it scary? Sure it is! Do people die climbing mountains? You bet. But a heck of a lot more people die from cancer every day. I hope and pray I get up and down that mountain with no problems,” Berenyi adds. “But if something does go wrong, it will have gone wrong with me living a purpose-driven life. Living my truth. Any of us could die any time from a car crash or a freak accident. I’m not going to let the fear of what could happen stop me from doing something I love, something that could equally fulfill life for someone else by literally saving their life.”

An avid and experienced alpine climber, Berenyi has already summited four of the world’s highest mountains, Mount Elbrus in Russia, Aconcagua in Argentina, Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and last summer, the most demanding of her climbs, Denali in Alaska. Berenyi is currently planning to summit Mount Everest in May, departing for base camp April 2nd. She is actively forming EE fundraising awareness through corporate sponsorships, Home Based Sherpa Teams (with the chance to go with her to Everest Base Camp) and other opportunities.

Mother to two daughters and two step-daughters, she owns two asset management companies and a financial consulting practice, and has authored two books, The Liberated Investor and Perfect Day: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Curing Lifestyle Deficit Disorder. Founder of nonprofits Rein and Shine ( www.reinandshine.org ) and She Climbs ( www.she-climbs.org ), and committed to building and strengthening the self-esteem of girls and women alike, Berenyi has helped over a dozen individuals scale Kilimanjaro, including both her daughters; her oldest was the youngest female American to summit Kilimanjaro in 2014.

A National Cancer Institute-Designated Cancer Center, Hollings Cancer Center is at the forefront of cancer research. This research is the driving force behind delivering medical advances to patients and their families, enabling education to health care professionals and the public, and to establish outreach services for underserved populations.

A launch event to see Cokie Berenyi off to Nepal is being planned for March 22nd. For the many ways you can become involved, and to donate, visit www.everydayeverest.org.

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