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Altai Balance Review: Safe Blood Sugar Support Supplement?

August 21, 2020 GMT

Los Angeles, CA - ( NewMediaWire ) - August 21, 2020 - Altai Balance is a 19-ingredient blood sugar support supplement formulated by Brian Cooper and Dr. Frank McMullin that addresses insulin resistance by tackling uncontrolled, unbalanced blood sugar levels. Found exclusively at  AltaiBalance.com, Brian Cooper’s compelling presentation about the origins of his prized blood sugar support formula tell a wide-ranging story that is well worth the watch if struggling with type 2 diabetes or subpar blood sugar optimization.


Made with nearly 20 ingredients of essential plant-based nutrients and herbal extracts, the Altai Balance blood sugar support supplement starts off about the US Marine’s breakthrough discovery called the ’ pinch method ’, a natural, easy to apply method for resetting blood sugar in addition to the star-studded lineup of ingredients found in the recently-released health and wellness product.

But is Altai Balance a safe and effective blood sugar support booster? How does it work to control and even optimize blood sugar levels? Better yet, what is the possibility Altai Balance is a scam? Let’s review Altai Balance from start to finish, ingredient by ingredient to discover what this newly-launched blood sugar support formula has in store today.

What is Altai Balance?

All-natural and having anti-aging properties too, Altai Balance targets the  root cause of unbalanced blood sugar levels. As a matter of fact, it is the only product containing 19 of the most effective natural ingredients for detoxifying. In the Altai Balance formula, these ingredients are present in the exact quantities that have been scientifically proven to balance blood sugar levels in both men and women. Every capsule of this supplement is manufactured in the US at a GMP certified facility, also FDA approved.

Resetting blood sugar levels by using Altai Balance is as easy as children’s play, yet at the same time more powerful and efficient than any exercise routine or diet. This formula doesn’t only help with keeping blood sugar levels in balance, it also supports brain and heart health, all while boosting energy levels and providing many other health benefits. What’s also great about it is that it doesn’t require its users to make any change in their diet or lifestyle. People who use it become slimmer and reduce their risk of developing diabetes just by consuming it every day.


The Most Important Ingredients in Altai Balance

Below are presented  Altai Balance’s most important ingredients, the ones responsible with regulating blood sugar levels and keeping the body healthy.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is known to promote good cholesterol and to keep the blood sugar levels under control.

Vitamin E

When it comes to what vitamin E does, this is improving the glycemic control in people suffering from diabetes. At the same time, it decreases oxidative stress and the ALT levels in the plasma, improving the insulin sensitivity in overweight people.


This compound has been scientifically proven to improve the control of blood sugar in diabetic people. A supplementation with biotin reduces blood sugar levels in those individuals who are taking insulin.


Magnesium is very important when wanting to control insulin’s action and the uptake of reliant insulin at a cellular level. Magnesium deficiencies cause insulin resistance.


Just like magnesium, zinc gets excreted with urine whenever blood sugar levels are up. This is why people suffering from diabetes are deficient in zinc. Zinc helps insulin to get produced and is often prescribed by doctors in cases of pre-diabetes.


Manganese is very important because it reduces blood sugar levels and prevents diabetes from appearing. Diabetic patients are known to have low levels of manganese in their blood.


There have been many studies proving chromium intake improves blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. It doesn’t only lower them, but it also improves the way in which the body responds to insulin.

Licorice Root Extract

Licorice root contains substances with anti-diabetic effects, not to mention it also has anti-inflammatory properties. The human body tolerates it very well.

Cinnamon Bark Extract

Cinnamon curbs the blood sugar because it lowers the insulin resistance. In addition, it reduces blood sugar levels by 24%, and the bad cholesterol ones by 18%.

The other ingredients that normalize blood sugar levels and are  present in Altai Balance  are Juniper Berries extract, Taurine, Gymnema, Bitter Melon, Banaba Leaf extract, and many others more.

What Are the Results to Be Expected When Consuming Altai Balance?

People who have decided to try Altai Balance should expect some big changes to happen in their body according to Brian Cooper’s discovery. To begin with, as soon as this supplement is going to start balancing their blood sugar levels, they will start to lose weight faster than ever due to addressing insulin resistance head on. They will no longer crave unhealthy foods, nor have increased appetite because the  body’s sugar cravings will all but vanish. Besides, their skin is going to start glowing and look as fresh as never before due to the ingredients the anti-aging nutritional protocol doctor, Dr. Frank McMullin, added to the 12-base ingredients discovered by Brian Cooper in Mongolia. At the same time, Brian even mentions how their hair will look silkier and their joint pain if they have any, will completely disappear.

Of course, these effects may take place differently, depending on each person’s body. It’s not sure which one of these experiences will be encountered first, but they’re all sure to happen. Many people have no idea  how much damage unstable blood sugar levels are doing to their bodies, not to mention they don’t realize the huge risk of developing diabetes that they’re being exposed to. Altai Balance is excellent support for preventing the onset of this dangerous disease, also for maintaining the overall optimal health and wellness.

Are There Any Side Effects of Altai Balance?

Thousands of people have been taking Altai Balance and didn’t complain about any side effects. As a matter of fact, this supplement is much safer than those starvation diets and extreme exercise routines that put the body under pressure and don’t bring about any significant results. Addressing the blood sugar levels issue can be done at any age. Besides,  Altai Balance has been proven to be safer than many other multivitamin supplements  because it contains only natural ingredients of premium quality, is FDA approved and created in a state-of-the-art facility.

Is It Necessary to Follow a Diet and to Exercise When Taking Altai Balance?

Of course, exercise and diet are always recommended, but  when taking Altai Balance, they’re not at all necessary, as this supplement addresses the root cause of having unhealthy blood sugar levels. If combined with a proper lifestyle that involves the consumption of good food and exercising, it takes action more rapidly and starts showing its weight loss, appearance enhancing, and providing of an overall feeling of wellbeing in only a few days. However, it does just the same after only 1 week of consumption when dieting and exercising are not involved too.

During the official video presentation, Brian Cooper says users should  opt to try the Altai Balance supplement for at least 90 to 180 days  for optimal effectiveness to really lock in the results and allow the body to continually restore the unbalanced blood sugar levels, a symptom of insulin resistance.

Is Altai Balance Expensive?

Normally, one bottle of Altai Balance costs $297, but now it’s available for only $49 per bottle, with a small shipping fee that has to be supported by the customer. Besides, there are also great deals on it, such as buying a 90-day supply of 3 bottles for $117, at $39 per bottle, and a 180-day supply of 6 bottles for $204, at $34 a bottle. There’s also a 60-day money back guarantee, so the bottles that have been bought can be returned after 60 days from the purchase, but only in the case in which they don’t deliver the promised results.

Final Verdict

The fascinating presentation from Brian Cooper outlines the entire story of how Altai Balance came to be as the leading blood sugar support supplement with 19 essential plant nutrients and herbal extracts that are only found in this formula in the world. Regardless if Altai Balance is right for you remains to be seen with trying at least a 1-month supply as the 60-day money back guarantee on Altai Balance makes this a risk-free purchase today.

Click here to learn about Brian Cooper and Dr. Frank McMullin’s 19-ingredient plant-based herbal nutrient supplement formula for extra blood sugar support by  visiting the official website at AltaiBalance.com right now.