Latest Superior Court Indictments

September 17, 2016 GMT

Gordon County Superior Court returned indictments on the following people.

Travis Allen Estes, financial transaction card theft.

Leivi Kerrick Fetzer, failure to yield right of way, simple battery, reckless conduct.

William Edward Floyd, simple battery FVA.

Ronnie Edawrd Hammack, simple battery.

Jennifer Eliane Harrison, VGCSA.

Carolyn Hornbuckle, pedestrian under the influence of alcohol.

William Lamart King, forgery fourth degree.

Michael Wayne Kiser, driving while license suspended, possession of marijuana less than one ounce, improper passing on right, affixing plate to conceal identity, no proof of insurance.

Lydia Patricia Kuehne, VGCSA.

Christina Lyn Walker, harassing communications, stalking.

Stacie Michell Weldon, possession of methamphetamine.

Jacob Warren Whitlock, stalking, criminal trespass, public drunkenness.

Brent Neal Wilkins, simple battery FVA.

Michael Williamson, sell of methamphetamine.

Tammie Tamara Williams, disorderly conduct.

Jesse Robert Adams, simple battery FVA.

Melissa Jean Adams, simple battery.

Titus Christopher Allen, theft by taking.

Adam Israel Avitia, criminal trespass.

Miguel Diaz-Morales, criminal trespass, public drunkenness.

David Waylon Dodd, reckless conduct.

Karen Lynn Dubanoski, unlawful conduct during 911 call.

Jarvis Wayne Dunham, simple battery FVA.

Renee Sue Jackson, DUI combined influence, DUI, endanger a child while DUI, child safety restraint violation.

Matthew E. Jarrard, possession of hydrocodone, DUI, drugs not in original container, failure to maintain lane, failure to wear seat safety belt.

Dewayne A. Jarrett, possession of methamphetamine, theft of services.

Tina Louise Juarez, DUI.

Corey Steven Reeves, violation FVA order.

Margie Ella Russell, simple battery.

Morris Ricky Savage, following too closely.

Jeffery Alfred Shedrick, speeding.

Anthoney P. Smalley, possession of controlled substance, drugs not in original container, DUI, speeding.

Billy Jo Smith, theft by receiving stolen property.

Bryan Richard Smith, theft by deception, theft by conversion, theft by taking.

David Stephen Smith, driving while license suspended, speeding, no proof of insurance.

Melissa Faye Smith, theft by shoplifting.

Barbara Lynn Soulis, theft by taking.

Carla Joy Rezac, simple battery FVA.

Patrick Burchfield, DUI, VGCSA.

Amelia Cunningham, theft by shoplifting.

Heidi Elizabeth Graham, theft by shoplifting.

Sayrah Anne Maness, theft by shoplifting.

Chris Anthony Callahan, theft by shoplifting, theft by deception, criminal trespass.

Tia Bryant Parris, theft by shoplifting, theft by deception.

Terry Carson, DUI, driving without a license.

Luis Castroamilcar Castro, driving without a license, operating a vehicle without insurance, improper brake lights.

April Michelle Chastain, reckless conduct.

Todd Alan Green, possession of firearm by convicted felon, simple battery FVA.

Mary Lindzy-Fleming, theft by taking.

Conor Sheridan ODonnell, driving while license suspended, improper u-turn.

Jeremy David Parker, theft by receiving stolen property, use of license to conceal identity, operating vehicle bearing improper license plate, operating a vehicle without insurance.

Ashley Leashae Peace, simple battery.

Lorelei Eve Peters, VGCSA.

Dewey Max Poole, public indecency.

Donna Jean Utterback, theft by shoplifting.

Jennifer Michelle Green, VGCSA.

Tonya Rena Smith, VGCSA.

Angel Lee Byrd, first-degree burglary, theft by taking.

Branden Hobgood, first-degree burglary, second-degree burglary, theft by taking, entering and automobile.

Patrick William McAfee, first-degree burglary, second-degree burglary, theft by taking.

Joey Tyler Messer, aggravated assault, aggravated battery.

William Blake Quiroz, VGCSA, possession of drug related objects, obstruction of LEO.

Melanie Lynn Robertson, possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute, possession of drug related objects, failure to maintain lane, defective windshield.