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Belvidere Has Choices, but I Don’t

October 30, 2017 GMT

I haven’t learned of a social service agency yet that would necessitate keeping 3,000-plus students downtown. I would hope more would be concerned about having their grandchildren or children attend a high school that might not be accredited instead of the allure of a central location.

Losing accreditation would put the proverbial red flag on every student’s application to a college.

Perhaps that doesn’t worry some Lowellians. To put it in terms that Belvidere/Ward 1 residents understand, Lowell High will be Sullivan Middle School 2.0. A common practice in Belvidere is residents who should want to send their kids to the Sullivan can afford other options. These kids leave the Reilly School in fourth grade and don’t make it across the parking lot to the Sullivan School for the fifth. So the issues at their local school aren’t issues if your kid doesn’t have to go there.

Who cares about the quality of your local school when you have the means to send your kid elsewhere?

So now instead of the Innovation Charter School or Notre Dame Academy, families will decide to send their high school students to Central Catholic, St. John’s Prep or Lowell Catholic. It has not seemed to bother those who live in Ward 1 about the reputation of their local middle school for the past decade or more, so it should be no surprise that many won’t care about kids in a construction zone. Their kids won’t be there.

For the rest of us -- those families that cannot afford to get out of the downtown -- enjoy your walk to LHS under construction.