LAS VEGAS (AP) _ Casino magnate Steve Wynn usually wins when gamblers lose.

Now he stands to profit from the story, as well as the money, of an elderly man who parlayed $400 into $1.3 million during several days at Wynn's Treasure Island Hotel and Casino _ then lost a big chunk of it.

Wynn, chairman of Mirage Resorts Inc., Treasure Island's parent company, reportedly signed a deal with the unidentified high-stakes player for the movie rights to his story.

The casino wouldn't identify the man, believed to be in his 80s. He was dubbed ``Shoeless Joe'' because he gambled one day in bare feet.

The mystery player did make some trips to the bank and may have set some money aside.


ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) _ So who's going to make fun of THEIR movie?

The wisecracking trio from Comedy Central's ``Mystery Science Theater 3000'' will take a break from mocking the rubber-suited monsters and mad scientists of the world's cheesiest movies to make a film of their own.

The makers of ``Mystery Science Theater 3000 _ The Movie'' promise that ``you will see the strings.''

The cable TV show features a stranded-in-space human, played by Michael J. Nelson, and his homemade robots, Crow and Tom Servo. Their movie is a spoof of the 1954 science-fiction classic ``This Island Earth.''

``We have a little bit of money to blow things up,'' said Nelson, 30, who also is the show's chief writer. ``We fully expect to make a dozen of these things.''

``MST3K'' started on a Twin Cities UHF station in 1988.


NEW YORK (AP) _ The former lawyer for Andy Warhol's estate has been awarded an additional $2.4 million for three years of work.

Surrogate Judge Eve Preminger said Thursday that Edward Hayes gave up a thriving law practice at the request of the estate's executor, Fred Hughes, to work full time on the estate's affairs.

Hayes was hired in 1987, the year the pop artist died, and was fired in 1990. He said he was paid $4.8 million in that time but was owed more than twice that, according to an agreement with Hughes to base his fee on a percentage of the estate's value.

Preminger eventually fixed the estate's value at about $510 million. But she ruled that the agreement with Hughes was unenforceable and decided Hayes' additional fee herself, bringing his total fee to $7.2 million.


BRADFORD, Mass. (AP) _ Human rights activist and novelist Leslie Feinberg will deliver this year's commencement speech at Bradford College because of students who practiced what she preaches.

President Joseph Short on Thursday reversed his initial decision to veto students' choice of the lesbian novelist and activist because, he said, ``I was impressed by students' conviction and commitment to human rights for all people.''

``I was also persuaded and saddened by the intolerance of the local news media for those who live a different life and have alternative views. I deplore and reject ugly harassment and discrimination against all people,'' Short said in a statement.

When Short announced his rejection in early April, about 100 students held a sit-in to protest.


LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Eddie Van Halen has pleaded no contest to carrying a loaded handgun into a suburban airport.

The 40-year-old guitarist was fined $300 and placed on probation for one year after entering the plea Thursday, said Burbank Deputy City Attorney Robert Walters.

Van Halen then headed for the Midwest to resume a concert tour.

Burbank Airport security guards found a Beretta on April 7 inside a piece of Van Halen's carry-on luggage after an X-ray machine spotted it.


LAS VEGAS (AP) _ The daughter of New York Newsday columnist Pete Hamill has pleaded guilty to felony child neglect, four years after her infant son died of a head injury.

Adriene Hamill, 30, entered the plea Wednesday. She could get anything from probation to 20 years in prison at her June 14 sentencing, prosecutor David Schwartz said.

An autopsy determined that Hamill's 3-month-old son, Michael Wellesley, died at a hospital in May 1991 after suffering a fractured skull and broken leg and arm bones.

Evidence indicated that the boy's father inflicted the abuse, Schwartz said. Adriene Hamill committed child neglect by accepting her husband's ``bogus explanation'' of the baby's injuries and failing to remove her son from a dangerous environment, prosecutors said.

Hamill, now a researcher for a New York publishing company, has since divorced Charles Wellesley. His trial on murder and child abuse charges is set for July 3.