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Straub, Harkrider race to state meet

October 29, 2018 GMT

Fort Bend ISD will have two individual standouts at the Class 6A state championship Nov. 3 at Old Settlers Park in Round Rock. Travis junior Katherine Straub and Clements freshman Haley Harkrider were among the qualifying runners at the Region III meet as two of the top 10 finishers not on state-qualifying teams.

Straub finished the five-kilometer course in 19 minutes, 16.7 seconds to finish 10th overall Oct. 22 at Kate Barr-Ross Park in Huntsville. Harkrider took 14th with a time of 19:33.7.

Elsik freshman Trinity Woodley narrowly missed a state trip at her first regional meet, placing 19th with a time of 19:45.3. George Ranch sophomore Eli Greene was the top 6A male runner from the Fort Bend area, placing 22nd with a time of 16:36.1.

The Longhorns fared well as a team in the girls race, placing 12th to lead Fort Bend area finishers. Britton Bielitz (49th, 20:32.6), Brooke Johnson (62nd, 20:47.7), Alyssa Heikkila (71st, 21:01.3), Jessica Paquette (103rd, 21:43.4), Sydney Delgado (106th, 21:47.7), Ruhi Patel (107th, 21:54.6) and Cami Lidisky (110th, 22:02.8) represented George Ranch on the course.

Clements finished 14th in the girls standings, including Vania Ortiz (48th, 20:31.7), Eleni Kaise (100th, 21:39.5), Rida Khan (123rd, 22:33.0), Aditi Mahesh (143rd, 23:14.3), Alessandra Vennema (148th, 23:33.2) and Janet Lee (159th, 24:20.4).

The Elsik girls finished 17th, including Ludjenie Mondesir (83rd, 21:21.4), Fabiola Rosales (99th, 21:38.6), Shaynea Redmond (122nd, 22:32.2), Goddess Woodard (150th, 23:35.5), Sandra Chuks (158th, 24:15.5) and Yamileth Alberto (163rd, 24:38.5).

Ridge Point took 20th with Olivia Tolkinen (90th, 21:28.5) Josefina Garcia (119th, 22:31.0), Lauren Metzger (135th, 22:51.6), Lilly Cordover (141st, 23:11.4) and Adriana Devenish (153rd, 23:49.6) on the course.

Travis finished 22nd, including Hannah Kocian (117th, 22:24.1), Jenna Reyes (168th, 25:06.0), Aubry Wilbanks (171st, 25:54.0), Tori Bernard (173rd, 26:16.4) and Bianca Birones (174th, 26:18.0).

Individual girls competitors included Elkins freshman Addy Pitts (80th, 21:13.4) and Bush sophomore Aaliyah Quinn (84th, 21:22.7).

Ridge Point placed 22nd in the boys standings with a team of Matthew Riojas (80th, 17:34.6), Whitaker Bird (120th, 18:16.6), Christopher Freeman (148th, 18:42.0), John Carrera (171st, 19:36.0), Talmage Bird (172nd, 19:41.6), Daniel Maguadog (177th, 19:48.0) and Adam Reynolds (184th, 20:45.0).

Bush finished 23rd, represented by (Pablo Garcia, 76th, 17:32.7), Reuben Dotson (159th, 18:55.1), Jeffrey Moisant (173rd, 19:41.7), Keven Tovar (175th, 19:44.8), Michael Tobar (176th, 19:47.4), Isisdro Sanchez (178th, 19:48.1) and Johnny Perez (179th, 19:48.3).

Fort Bend Austin (24th): Nishil Shah, 157th, 18:53.8; Daniel Salib, 165th, 19:09.4; Sean Bethke, 167th, 19:22.2; Matthew Martinez, 180th, 20:00.8; Matthew McGoldrick, 181st, 20:19.2; Yash Hooda, 183rd, 20:38.6; Erik Freeman, 185th, 21:08.7

Individual male competitors included Travis senior Jordan Klasmanovics (75th, 17:31.5) and sophomore Ian Price (158th, 18:55.0), Dulles junior Jaden Thompson (114th, 18:05.7), Clements junior Robert Zhang (140th, 18:34.8) and Kempner sophomore Brandon Phegley (147th, 18:41.4).

Needville, East Bernard send runners to Round Rock

Sophomore Brandon Pollard will represent Needville in the boys 4A race at the UIL state meet, earning a 10th-place overall finish at the Region IV-4A meet in Corpus Christi.

Pollard finished the five-kilometer course in 15:24.78 to lead the Blue Jays to an 18th-place team finish, along with Nathan Burleson (65th, 16:30.74), Eric Cleto (74th, 16:44.54), Roman Hernandez (145th, 17:49.99), Kody Matula (154th, 18:07.24), Tyler Sykora (160th, 18:26.53) and Sebastian Ricklefsen (173rd, 19:18.70).

The Fulshear boys posted 23-4A’s best regional team finish, placing ninth with Edward Jongee (48th, 16:11.60), Kamron Kultar (69th, 16:34.40), Ashton Oxford (71st, 16:39.71), Joseph Burrhus (76th, 16:46.21), Mackenzie McBride (84th, 16:49.79), Zakary Sary (98th, 17:00.46) and Jaryn Monroe (102nd, 17:04.74) on the course.

Needville finished 12th in the girls standings, represented by Scotlyn Lowe (33rd, 11:55.63), Jillian Murphy (49th, 12:09.64), Madison Krause (80th, 12:36.73), Jordan Holub (101st, 12:53.62), Iris Torres (103rd, 12:54.64), Rachel Kubenka (117th, 13:01.48) and Nataly Flores (129th, 13:11.73).

The Fulshear team of Briana Roberson (28th, 11:49.87), Aleecia Savala (130th, 13:13.34), Novey Arrieta (146th, 13:32.23), Liliana Barbosa (167th, 14:09.44) and Lorelei Pittman (169th, 14:11.68) finished 20th.

The East Bernard girls are headed to the state meet after a third-place finish in the Region III-3A standings in Huntsville, represented by Madison Muzik (5th, 12:36.0), Libby Hancock (18th, 13:22.2), Aracelly Acevedo (38th, 13:50.9), Samantha Rabius (40th, 13:52.0), Alyssa Schulte (46th, 14:00.0), Kimball Swiger (50th, 14:07.9) and Emma Alexander (63rd, 14:29.9).

Bo Badger led the East Bernard boys to a seventh-place finish, qualifying for state individually with a 12th-place time of 17:57.7. Mason Crist (36th, 18:48.0), Barrett Whitley (53rd, 19:29.8), Kolby Townsend (65th, 19:42.0), Ethan Rejsek (83rd, 20:07.3), Austin Drapier (113rd, 21:09.6) and Cade Gravonovic (156th, 23:45.8) filled out the Brahmas’ top seven.

Foster finished 15th in the girls 5A standings in Huntsville, with Macey Ellis (53rd, 21:20.1), Maddie Ellis (74th, 21:47.5), Katie Wise (83rd, 22:12.1), Katie Robbins (138th, 25:02.5), Mya Tipton (146th, 25:53.9), Jessica Knott (147th, 25:56.5) and Yamila Mello Via (172nd, 29:00.0) running.

Lamar Consolidated’s Daryl Hannah Humphrey (89th, 22:32.9) competed in the girls 5A race individually.

The Foster boys finished 16th, represented by Caden Cunningham (32nd, 17:26.2), Johnbosco Muiruri (59th, 18:00.4), Cody Ewing (115th, 19:05.6), Steven Wines (117th, 19:06.3), Ashton Riedel (133rd, 19:40.7), Brandley Alfred (149th, 20:15.5) and Marco Tijerina (152nd, 20:19.8).