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Fred Sowerby: Why Prop. 409 should pass

July 6, 2018 GMT


Our opportunity to vote and endorse Prop 409 is coming next month. Let’s make it happen.

Currently, Arizona state law dictates how we can spend our existing funds that have already been collected by the city. It’s somewhat like you have money in both of your front pockets, but the left pocket is sewn shut. That money is all yours, but you can’t get to it. So when the money in your right pocket is gone, you must break the stitching to get your money out of the left pocket....and that is exactly what Prop 409 will do.

A yes vote for Prop 409 will restore our local control over how we choose to spend our own money. We really don’t need the State of Arizona meddling in our local budgeting process.

Prop 409 is revenue neutral. It will not increase or decrease our taxes. That’s why I’ll be voting yes in favor of Prop 409. Our amazing City of Lake Havasu deserves no less. See you at the polls.

Fred Sowerby

Lake Havasu City