Alternative energy may come to N. Platte area

June 24, 2017 GMT

N-CORPE accepting wind, solar proposals for Lincoln Co. land

The Nebraska Cooperative Republican Platte Enhancement Project has opened the possibility of the addition of wind or solar power generation on its property.

N-CORPE owns approximately 20,000 acres of land in Lincoln County that is used for water management.

The organization is accepting wind and solar proposals through July 14. A public comment period is open until July 26, when N-CORPE will host an open house at 10 a.m. at the Curtis Community Center to respond to questions and comments.

“This project will allow us to use the property in a way that benefits the local community both in alternative energy generation and income that will help us with our operations costs,” said Kyle Shepherd, N-CORPE general manager.

A study conducted by Bluestem Energy Solutions and Baird Holm, LLP, in 2013 indicated that an alternative energy project on the land could increase tax revenue by about 39 percent, depending on the size of the development.

While the N-CORPE board of directors is seeking proposals, it is still determining whether the project is feasible. It hired HDR Inc., an architectural, engineering and consulting firm based in Omaha, to provide engineering support for development of the project. N-CORPE said on its website that “While schedules are always tentative to change, N-CORPE hopes to make a final decision about the wind/solar project by the end of September 2017.”

Shepherd said the project on N-CORPE property would provide revenue and help offset taxes.

“A primary objective of this project is to take some of the burden off taxpayers, helping school districts that may have lost tax revenue from the land,” Shepherd said.

Comments may be sent to Shepherd by email at kshepherd@urnrd.org or by mail at N-CORPE, C/O Kyle Shepherd, 24871 S. Lone Star Road, North Platte, NE 69101. Comments may also be posted on the N-CORPE website at ncorpe.org/contact, where a form is available.