Drivers should ‘be patient and watchful’ of traffic stops during Kids Triathlon in Graniteville

May 16, 2019 GMT

The 2019 Aiken Standard Kids Triathlon is Saturday and local law enforcement is askings those in the Graniteville area to watch the road.

Children and teens from throughout the CSRA will be competing in the triathlon which includes biking, swimming and running. The biking and running portion of the race will affect part of Trolley Line Road and part of Laurel Drive in Graniteville, according to Capt. Eric Abdullah, with Aiken County Sheriff’s Office.

“There will be no road closures during the event, only traffic stops,” he said. “A deputy will be conducting traffic, and they will stop vehicles to let any kids participating go by. Any stopped vehicle will then be allowed to continue once the roadway clears and opens back up.”


Abdullah said the deputies conducting traffic Saturday have been instructed to keep any traffic in the area flowing.

Drivers are encouraged to take alternative routes around the area mapped out for the Kids Triathlon.

“This is an exciting event for our local kids, and we just ask drivers to be mindful of that if they plan on traveling through Graniteville on Saturday,” Abdullah said. “We also ask drivers to please be patient and keep a watchful eye out for any children. Deputies conducting traffic will do their best to get cars through the area as quickly as they can, but be vigilant of any kids in the area.”

For more information about the 2019 Aiken Standard Kids Triathlon, visit aikenkidstri.com.