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Letters To The Editor 1/16/2019

January 16, 2019

Probes multiplying

Editor: I ask this question with all earnestness: Is Scranton normal?

My query comes from the wake of the recent news of the FBI raiding City Hall and Mayor Bill Courtright’s home. Is it normal for a city to have what seems like a new state or federal investigation every other month or so?

Whether it’s the school board, the prison, or the Catholic Diocese of Scranton, it seems as though Scranton has a disproportionate amount of investigations into the people in power.

I’m happy to know that Scranton City Council has proposed stricter ethics rules and hope that this might help the city guard against internal corruption. But this doesn’t answer my question: Is this amount of investigation of corruption normal, or is it just normal for Scranton?




Take nation back

Editor: Congress is reckless and negligent in doing its job.

The nation’s sovereignty is at risk due to elected public servants worrying more about getting re-elected and maintaining their political agenda than the welfare of the people.

Our Founding Fathers believed in citizen representation, not career politicians. The Constitution does not put public servants above the law. They have a fiduciary duty to the people and took a sworn oath to uphold our Constitution. I think the majority of today’s elected public servants breach their fiduciary duty to the people and violate our Constitution. Americans must seek a peaceful and legal remedy for the alleged illegal actions of public servants.

If the American people insist on being complacent and continue to let Congress do whatever it wants to, the nation will go the way of the Roman Empire.

Americans must take back our country from self-serving, greedy and power-hungry politicians. I urge members of the House of Representatives and Senate to abide by our Constitution. I support legal action against public servants who do not ensure both houses of Congress abide by the Constitution.

I want my name listed as part of a class action suit against Congress for failing to pass comprehensive border security legislation.




Plant history omitted

Editor: The Jan. 9 Times-Tribune news brief about the former Wesel Manufacturing Co. and description as an old fabrication plant being demolished for parking left me somewhat baffled and sad.

I worked at Wesel for 11 years and considered this fine company as the foundation for my career as a machinist.

Founder Ferdinand Wesel was born in Frankfurt, Germany, in 1846. He came to the United States in 1866 and settled in Brooklyn, New York. He started his own business in 1880. It grew and he relocated in Scranton.

I graduated from Johnson Trade School, now Johnson College, in 1964 and entered the Navy. I am a Vietnam-era veteran and a trade school grad and started my career as a machinist in 1968. I worked as an apprentice at Wesel for six years and received my machinist papers in 1974.

Wesel was a shop where everyone was a machinist. Working with skilled craftsmen was a gift that I received and is part of my work history. Wesel is more than an old fabrication plant that once made equipment for the printing industry. It had a history and sent skilled machinists into the workforce.




Fully enforce laws

Editor: I think this country is on a very slippery slope regarding border security and I think most liberal Democrats are for open borders and sanctuary cities.

They look at illegal aliens as future voters who will help them stay in power. Keeping their lofty positions is what it’s all about.

We are either a nation of laws or we aren’t. To allow people to cross our borders illegally is against our laws and to see people trying to break through border security and throwing rocks at our border security and waving the flag of their origin is sickening. When a country cannot secure its borders it ceases to be a sovereign nation. Then when something at the border goes wrong the liberals, including the news media, blame the president, who they have been trying to get rid of since before he took office.

I think this country should enact a quota system that we had for many years. This nonsense has gone on way too long. We are and have been a debtor nation for many years and can little afford to have anyone crashing our borders to take advantage of our liberal social programs. When they enter this country illegally, they should all be put back on buses and shipped back to wherever they came from. They don’t want to stay in Mexico because Mexicans are also crashing our border, We have ceased to be a country of laws, which is sad.

Every night the national news media keep harping because President Trump has shut down the government. A long shutdown happened on President Obama’s watch and there was a shutdown during President Clinton’s term. Our borders should shut down until our laws are fully enforced.




Collusion unproven

Editor: I wish someone could explain some Democrats’ obsession with impeaching President Trump.

He has helped the economy, gotten more jobs and given people more in their paychecks. Special counsel Robert Mueller’s witch hunt has not come up with any Russian collusion, so what is the problem?

The only thing I can believe is they all hate Trump, even the “Republicans in name only” because he cut into their perks, like lobbyist money and insider trading. God save our country from corrupt politicians who only want power and money and do not care for the American citizens.

They prove it in not wanting the border wall to protect us from the drugs and the illegals infiltrating our nation. China and Russia are waiting for our demise from within. We will be taken over as we are so inept. Keep fiddling while Rome burns.



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