Suspected drunken man arrested on disorderly conduct, criminal damage charges

May 9, 2019 GMT

The actions of an allegedly drunken man toward children in a Lake Havasu City home landed him in jail.

Kevyn Joshua Quinonez, 25, of Havasu, is facing charges of disorderly conduct and criminal damage, after police say he woke a sleeping 1-year-old after slamming the crib the child was sleeping in against the wall.

According to information from Lake Havasu City Police, Quinonez was arrested at about 2:42 a.m., Sunday, April 28, at a Biscayne Lane residence.

A woman called police to report that Quinonez had opened a kitchen window and crawled into the residence. The woman said he entered through the kitchen because he knew the lock didn’t work properly. She said they had broken up and he was in the process of moving out, but still had items that belonged to him in the home.


She told police that Quinonez told her that he was “jumped” by some people at a cocktail lounge and he blamed her for the altercation. She said he used profanity toward her, causing her 9-year-old daughter to wake up. The woman told her daughter to go to her bedroom before Quinonez allegedly kicked the bed hard enough the side railing fell off. Later, he allegedly slammed the 1-year-old’s crib against the wall, which woke the baby up and caused him to cry, the report said.

Police said a breath test showed the man had a blood alcohol content of .209, more than twice the legal limit for operating a vehicle.

— Today’s News Herald