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Doctor Accused Of Repeatedly Spanking Patient Loses His License

February 27, 1987 GMT

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) _ A poor woman who sought a job from a doctor was told she could get ″easy money″ in a pain research program, then was subjected to repeated spankings that left her with bruises, authorities say.

The Texas State Board of Medical Examiners voted unanimously Thursday to cancel the license of William Michael Clark, an obstetrician-gynecologist from Prairie View who had been practicing in Bay City last year.

According to the medical board complaint, Clark spanked the Bay City woman on 17 occasions with his hand, a board, a belt and an extension cord. He told the woman he was conducting a research project for the makers of Tylenol, but there was no such program, the complaint said.

Paul Gavia, chief attorney for the medical board, said Clark has a history of ″preying on poor women″ who need money. He said the woman’s car had been repossessed, her husband was out of work, her child was sick and she was abouit to be evicted from her low-income housing for non-payment of rent.

She met Clark when she went to his office to apply for a job, Gavia said.

Clark, 35, told the woman she would get $2,500 ″easy money″ for participating in the fictitious project, which would require her blood pressure and pulse rate to be measured, the complaint alleged.

The spankings ″were extremely painful and resulted in severe bruises which (Clark) offered to treat by providing (the woman) with samples of ointments,″ the board’s findings said.

The sessions ended when the woman complained to the Matagorda County sheriff’s office, the document said.

The medical board’s complaint against Clark also said the Lousiana State Board of Medical Examiners suspended the doctor’s medical license in April 1986 for luring women to participate in a non-existent drug research project in exchange for payments.

The Louisiana board’s order said Clark spanked the women but never paid them. Clark was suspended from the residency program at Tulane Medical School for his actions, it said.

″He came to Texas, where he is from, and did the very same thing he did in Louisiana,″ Gavia said.

Clark did not attend the board hearing Thursday, no one answered the telephone at his Baytown office and his home telephone number is not listed.