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Patricia Perez: Thoughts on mass transit

February 10, 2019 GMT

Editor: I would like to offer an alternative perspective to the topic of mass transit. For every 25 parking spaces, the ADA requires a minimum of one accessible (handicapped) parking space, which in itself is interesting when we remember that 1 out of every 4 (vs. 1 in 25) American’s has a disability.

Excluding our winter visitors, LHC had a senior population of 27 percent (2010 census) and 11.5 percent of non-senior disabled persons. Again, that number (almost 40 percent) excludes snowbirds. Although I can still drive, I prefer to leave the driving to my husband (who can lift my walker, and drop me at the curb when there is not enough parking). Unfortunately, not everyone has a spouse to help them. Additionally, a few local taxi services have a reputation for denying, or just not showing up for people with disabilities. It’s a truth nobody likes to own, but just last month someone posted on FB about a local taxi that refused to pick up a woman in a wheelchair because “wheelchairs take too much effort”.


Besides, nobody is proposing we add another burden to our city taxpayers, or be given a handout! As I understood the article, they are conducting a study to see if such a need exists.

Considering Havasu Mobility does not run on evenings or weekends, I believe the need might exist. We’ll see what the study says, but if you ask me, I’d like to see that 40 percent of our population have full access to our great community.

Patricia Perez

Lake Havasu City