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TX Lottery

December 14, 2018

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) _ These Texas lotteries were drawn Thursday:

All or Nothing Day


(one, two, three, five, six, seven, eight, twelve, fourteen, fifteen, nineteen, twenty)

All or Nothing Evening


(one, three, four, five, ten, eleven, twelve, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty)

All or Nothing Morning


(two, three, seven, eight, ten, thirteen, fifteen, nineteen, twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three)

All or Nothing Night


(two, four, five, eight, ten, twelve, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, nineteen, twenty-three, twenty-four)

Cash 5


(six, ten, fourteen, thirty-two, thirty-three)

Daily 4 Day

2-7-2-0, Sum It Up: 11

(two, seven, two, zero; Sum It Up: eleven)

Daily 4 Evening

2-1-2-0, Sum It Up: 5

(two, one, two, zero; Sum It Up: five)

Daily 4 Morning

4-3-5-9, Sum It Up: 21

(four, three, five, nine; Sum It Up: twenty-one)

Daily 4 Night

0-8-3-9, Sum It Up: 20

(zero, eight, three, nine; Sum It Up: twenty)

Mega Millions

Estimated jackpot: $262 million

Pick 3 Day

4-2-1, Sum It Up: 7

(four, two, one; Sum It Up: seven)

Pick 3 Evening

2-5-3, Sum It Up: 10

(two, five, three; Sum It Up: ten)

Pick 3 Morning

9-4-4, Sum It Up: 17

(nine, four, four; Sum It Up: seventeen)

Pick 3 Night

2-0-3, Sum It Up: 5

(two, zero, three; Sum It Up: five)


Estimated jackpot: $246 million

Two Step

14-19-21-26, Bonus: 7

(fourteen, nineteen, twenty-one, twenty-six; Bonus: seven)

Estimated jackpot: $200,000

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